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Bumpadum Fitted Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway


One mini human is ready to take on the Chennai summer,  flashing his airy, breathable  Bumpadum fitted dipe OTB. Many thanks, Bumpadum for sending us this for review. For those of you who don’t know my MCD spending patterns, I must mention that, this is THE brand that has a big share of my wallet section for cloth diapers. Such is the awesomeness of this Indian company that manufactures a wide range of products that are all eco-friendly options for the cloth diapering folks —  from wipes to wetbags to different types of CDs. Not to forget, the prints are really unique and very cute. Check out my  ‘London’ fitted from their ‘Around the world’ series. ❤

Fitted diapers, commonly referred to as Fitteds, are brilliant cloth diapers (CDs) which combine ease of use and flexibility. They closely resemble the size and shape of disposable diapers. Though, with the variety of super absorbent and breathable fabrics to choose from these are hands-down one of the best cloth diapering options available to suit your little one’s individual needs. They are considered a breathable option especially suited for babies with sensitive skin and are prone to rashes. Although Fitted Diapers are not waterproof and do require the use of a diaper cover, herein lies one of their advantages! You decide: wool, fleece, or PUL covers; some parents even opt to go coverless (usually when indoors or when trying to clear up a diaper rash).

Packaging: I like that they have a zero plastic packaging. The dipe comes packed in a lovely velour cloth that can be used as a baby wipe.

Bumpadum’s fitteds look similar to the duet range they have recently release, but the only difference is that the outer shell is non-laminated making it breathable. That also means the shell isn’t waterproof and has to be used with a cover on top when used for longer periods such as night time.

Shell: Oh so soft microfleece. It has 2 snaps to put in the insert of your choice.

The insert: The signature ‘buttery soft’ tongue like insert if you have chosen the night time insert, else the 2 part one, if you bought the day time one. These are lined with micro fleece on the side that touches baby’s bottom to provide stay dry effect. Both the inserts have two layers of hemp fleece and two layers of cotton terry, providing 8 layers of absorbency together. The inserts need 8-9 washes to be fully prepped.


Because I couldn’t wait to try it on the little, this went OTB after 2 washes, and it functioned really well because for someone in a heavy wetter category, it held up for almost 5 hours. 😮 I can not imagine how long this will hold when it is fully prepped.

We also tested once for night time so far and it is working brilliantly. My LO sleeps about 9-10 hours straight and this worked well. There was only a slight dampness in the early morn. i used without the cover – maybe I will use a cover for night time.

This has been tested on my 19 month old son who is a heavy heavy wetter.

Final Say:

  • Most absorbent and leak-proof diapering option
  • Excellent solution for a heavy-wetter (particularly when combined with a wool cover)
  • Extremely Trim
  • The extra snaps in the front, allow it to be used for newborns as well, I would say.

Overall, a must have CD for a summer stash.

To enter the giveaway:

  • Follow  the hosts on Instagram
  • Leave a comment tagging your friends. One tag per comment. Multiple entries allowed.
  • Repost the giveaway post for additional entry, tagging both hosts.


  • This giveaway is open for anyone with an Indian shipping address.
  • Ends on April 29th, 11:00 PM. Winner will receive a Bumpadum fitted of their choice. Now isn’t that a cool deal?

Happy Earth Day, fellas!

Hope you do your bit for the environment. My baby’s done his. 🙂



55 Fiction

Well..I was unsure on whether to publish this* or not.. After seeing the heart-warming comments I received at the contest entry page..I thought “Might as well hit the Publish buttton” And by this* I meant my 55 fiction.

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.And this piece of fiction was written for TheColorsMagazine contest.Well Anyway,without further ado,Presenting….<DrumRoll>



“I’m done. Meet ya backstage”, Eric quickly whispered. She flitted as though led by hypnotism.

He pecked at her cheek

“You missed!”

Flirty conversation… Making out… All was quiet but for the suspiring noise.


Naturally panicking Eric said “Somebody call the ambulance. I’m on with the Heimlich maneuver”

Check out all of the entries here (they are all damn good).

P.S: I’ve written another 55fiction based on personal experience.Read on. =P It maybe shabby,but its still my baby! 😉


Something was fishy about tonight’s tranquility..

Briana slipped into her nightgown .

He lay low, ready to pounce anytime.

Lights turned out!

Gulping the lump in her throat she slid under-covers…Her mobile glimmered as she received that last goodnight .

That was his cue he pounced on her .

Shrieking, she jumped out ,“Frigging moth!”

Note: I have mottephobia ..Not that I’m the extreme case..But I read this piece of English literature when I was 15,and since then get reminded that Moths are souls of the dead waiting to Pass through Purgatory…(dead souls,yet alive : Incase you didn’t get the title) <shuddering> So that is one reason I freak out whenever I see one.

Enough 55 fiction for a post.Hope to brew some real good ones,with time!I know I’m getting there 🙂



Well People,This one’s for the free giveaways Mr.Baxi is offering, that I’m interested in 😀win7

Swags are generally used to promote company initiatives.. On that note I’d like to get these as give-aways for the upcoming student dev con.Apart from that, the gleamy ‘I am a windows7 pc’ stciker is something I’m eyeing @ for sticking it on my personal laptop for showoff purpose 😀 which would lead to many interesting learning and teaching experiences and combat convos as THIS ! 🙂

Anyway, I earnestly hope I get it.

Thanks Abhishek Baxi for the offer

Edited later:

Yay! I won the sway.Thanks again Mr.Baxi. 🙂