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Charlie Banana #FTW – A pool lover’s review

If you know me or follow my Instagram posts, you’d know by now that we almost exclusively cloth diaper Baby AZ and how much I love modern day cloth diapers and can’t get enough of it!  Yep, cloth diapering is addictive and is a really great way to save on baby diapering costs, save the environment and much more [More on that some other day]. It is, therefore, a no-brainer that I was super thrilled to receive a Charlie Banana swim diaper for review from

Look how cute the packaging is…almost as if they were thinking ” D’oh! A baby’s bottom is exactly where it should be. So we should put it there – paper or for real” I digress.

According to me the nicest thing about this diaper is that it can be used as a swim diaper AND training pants when you’re potty training the baby. Talk about value for money!


  • Let me start with the fit – it’s PERFECT.  Just follow the weight guide on Charlie Banana’s website and order the corresponding size. I have a 11 kg baby and size L was, like Goldilocks would say, JUST RIGHT.
  • Really soft organic cotton and elastics that don’t leave marks – what’s not to love there.
  • A drawstring that helps secure the diaper so it is leak-proof in case of poopxplosions. I’m grateful that there has been none of this poop business in the pool so far. *hitting wood hard*
  • Really cute, stunning  prints – Not just mine, but the entire range is so pwetty! Head turner for sure! ❤
  • The dual purpose – Unlike my other swim diapers (which don’t have an insert, and therefore will definitely not absorb as well) this one can be used for both potty training and as swim diapers. Good investment hence.


  • Owing to the insert being there, there would be a bit of diaper heaviness, but it dint hamper movement in any way. IMHO the insert being there is a good thing and meant I didn’t have to worry much that the poopxplosions may fall out. I had hope it would absorb enough, until I could quickly pull him out of the pool. Not much of a ‘con’ bullet, no? I know – It’s really a well thought of diaper design!


Can you see how trim it is after being in water for quite long?

It’s called the EXTRAORDINARY swim diaper for a reason, yo! Here’s a whole bunch of action shots of the diaper and a 18 month old enjoying his summer pool time. Let me know your comments, questions etc.,. I look forward to them. 🙂

Here’s where you can buy them, if you are in India:

ChicBum – Charlie Banana 

Care Instructions

Facebook page

If you’re elsewhere, there are so many retailers worldwide; visit Charlie Banana’s store locator

💙⚓️💙⚓️💙⚓️💙 SUMMER IS COMING! Well this is what excites us most about summer time – long pool time and beach time, summery food like nongu, tender coconuts, melons and icecreams without guilt. 🌞🏊🏄🎣🍉🍇🍍🍦🍨🍧 The morning swim, also one of AZ’s first structured #swimlesson (if I can say so myself;)) was really fun with this apartment buddy who was great company! Appa gave instructions well and AZ had fun testing the waters and moving his limbs in action. Good start, I guess! 🏊 #OTB : @CharlieBanana #swimdiaper from @ChicBum . This deserves a mention as it helped a not yet potty-trained little to ride the waves.😄 trim and absorbent, And truly a Sight to behold- a head-turner print. Had people walking up to say ‘that is one cute swimwear’. I agree 💙🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊⚓️💙💙

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Hello! Have you missed me?

Been a long while since you heard from me, hasn’t it?

I have such an exciting life now – with being a mom to an adorable 18 month old. Life couldn’t be more “happening” than it is now, or the minute after now, if you get what I mean.

Child birth has been a life-changer. I wanted to post some thoughts and tips here for FTM (First Time Moms – yes, there’s a whole lot of acronyms once you’ve familiarized yourself with mommy clubs) 😉

It’s almost 1 PM here, and a saturday night. I HAVE to go. but first let me resurrect my blog. 🙂


Happy reading.

PS: I’ve really taken to instagram and all this while that has been my primary micro-blog.

Follow me there if you will.



Bar Camp Chennai 4 #BCC4

My very "first” *airjerk* social media meetup 😉 happened on the last sunday of June. And as usual, yours lazily has come up with a very late post of what happened in BCC4 (Part o my contribution). This time ‘round, the venue was Cognizant 😉 @ the OMR stretch.

For those of you who’re wondering whatever a “Bar”Camp is… Stop thinking 😛 Here’s what that is : user-generated conferences (or unconferences) that are open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants themselves. (How cool is that?)  Barcamp participants are diverse, though there are specific interests that bind them together. Using the internet and new technologies is always a huge theme, but what brings BarCampers together is where that theme crosses into other areas.

Since this is a BarCamp, to participate, you will have to contribute. This can be done by:

  • Presenting on a topic of your choice
  • Demoing something (preferably something you created)
  • Volunteering and helping out
  • Suggesting a talk idea
  • Blogging/tweeting about the event (basically publicity in whatever way you can)

BarCamp Chennai 4th Edition

The knowledge Foundation were the event managers for the day. BCC4 had a whole lot of interesting speakers who led interactions on topics ranging from ‘Market Research for startups’ to ‘How to calculate taxes for startups’ that most entrepreneurs would have found useful.. to other more techie topics like the Ganesh Rajmohan’s “Synchronization And Java Memory Model,Senthil Nayagam (Founder of’s “Hackerspace”,

Swroop Singh( PayPal X Developer Network)’s “Monetization made easy with PayPal X”, Balaji Lakshman (Geeky Inc.)’s “Robotics – The Future Life making Robots”,Karthick (pre-final year student from SSN)’s “Running OSX on Virtual Box”, UID stuff & the more societal ones like on Traffic Management where Sonal Mishra,IPS, Deputy commissioner of Police Traffic Central Chennai, got great inputs on how to technologically improve the traffic management system in Chennai.

The collaborative, easy-going atmosphere is often supported by a keg of beer or several bottles of wine (or several crates of PepsiCo & CocaCola products, as would happen in Chennai 😉 ), and participants find that attending BarCamp holds as many professional advantages, in networking and learning new technology, as social ones.I had great fun meeting with several entrepreneur speakers and participants and indulging in fun conversations. 🙂






Im_Back Okay! So clearly, I’m not the best blogger in the world. It has only been, umm… 6 months since I last posted ._O  & It took me a little more than the indiblogger rank going down, receiving spam blog comments, to drill down the negligence quotient to my lazed dazed brain.

If you were wondering what I was up to all this while, the answer pretty much amounts to this : Living a phase of my life that I’d like to title ‘WORK-part 1’. Life was pretty darn cool.And that,requires a post of its own to do it justice,especially since a lotta people (4 is a big number too 😐 ) have been asking me how my work experience was. 😛

I’ve been queuing up a dozen posts on the back of my head,but its taking me forever to put it down.But it will all happen,i promise.Just incase you thought I was off the social media all this while, you ARE sooo wrong! I’ve been tweeting like crazy 😀 & that I figure is the rationale behind this blogger’s block that I had. Anyway,good news is: Gracy is back for good! 😀 & Maybe there’s gonna be a shift in my writing ..hopefully,for the good (I just reread some of my older posts & i was like.. *covers eyes & turns away.No puke*) . So come back again and check out Coupe de grace (God! I should get my blog a better name.) I’ll just cut the crap here & sign out before i get hit by those pelts! 😛



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Of Ads, Fads & their Bads ?!?!

Am back on track after so long..Reason for lesser posts,even though I have more time to myself is just darn laziness that has crept into me,that I’m trying to shrug off these days!This post’s for the not-so-latest Ad Fad in Town..Yeup ! Its about those zoozoos,that I can’t stop hating as well as mebbe little bit of loving 😛

The Egghead zoozoos have become the rage allover India thanks to the strategic masterstroke of Ogilvy zoozooand Mather (O&M) India that put these anthropomorphic figures @ exactly the right time – IPL ! Nice BPlan, o&m guys! Reason I hate the zoozoos is because they are hyped (yes! I dont like overly hyped ‘anything’,wothout a good cause) and the reason I like them is because these non-animated promo vids are everything any advertisement should comprise of:To the point,sending the message and in the end,earning u more clients.Just look at the number of fans for these knuckle heads, on Facebook(forgive me zoozoo fans for the strong word 😛 )In the pipeline are a spot, titled “A day in the life of Zoozoo” on Twitter, and merchandise such as key-chains, mugs, T-shirts, and mobile phone stands.Since I’m a keen channel hopper,watching advertisements as much as possible and since I plan to do my masters in business administration – the only normal thing anyone who know me would expect is for me to specialize in marketing and advertisement.Maybe I will 😉 (only a maybe,with a maybe not associated with it)!

Besides the zoozoos ,one other ad that has enamoured me is the one that Intel is rolling out .It features real-world engineers that are truly “rockstars” (or should be) like Alay Bhatt, the co-inventor of the USB.The parting shot where those engineers or dressed-up geeks – whoever they are,sing the PUM..pum pum pum pum – LOL ROFL!!! Its totally hilarious and I think these ads rock 🙂 and they kinda inspire me too *blush*

“We wanted to create something unique. A character that would always be memorable… somewhat alien and yet, very human,” says Varma, who made the zoozoo films. “When we started out, the idea was to ensure that no one should be watching cricket. Everyone should be talking about Zoozoo.”

And we know who the winners are!Go Zoozoos!! And now for a little zoozoo trivia: Had they been animated, it would have taken several years to finish 30 television commercials and come at a huge cost to the advertiser. According to my sources,the entire shoot cost approximately Rs3 crore. :O !Just remembered: The ad for Act II Popcorn which begins like – ‘Do you know why ads are made…So that You can go make you bowl of act II popcorn..No kidding..Serious!” This one’s in my list of favs too! 🙂

I have done total injustice to the title…It shud have been ‘Of Ads,Fads and their guds’ 😛 Anyway..Thats all for now,Folks! Have a great week!Ciao 🙂