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Incase you can comprehend the title

a) you are a killer cryptographer \m/ (or)

b) you are one among the millions who use twitter!


I dedicate to this “twspecial twost” to many of my not-so-twitsavvy pals who I think should use Twitter ,which is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.Well..This is just  a nice way of saying “I’m fed up of explaining twitter on our private chats”,with all due respect my dear friends 😀

140 charsTo begin with.. Twitter is analogous to almost all social networks – facebook,flickr,youtube,digg et al.,. Simply put, its a place to shout out what’s on your mind,what you think of the state-of-affairs,what’s going on in your life,what you’re eating at the moment 😛 (@having),what you are reading,an interesting weblink you just clicked,what song you’re listening to,whether is laundry day or if you are bungee jumping or parasailing …. Guess you get the point!

The thing that makes twitter unique is the 140 character limit imposed on every tweet(your message) that you send.

>>Dufus : This is my first tweet.Its supposed to be interesting. link

08:30 PM Sep 13th from web

If someone (Simp) finds your tweet useful (incase you send out an interesting link/ info ) they can “retweet” (RT) yours.

>>Simp : RT @Dufus : This is my first tweet.Its supposed to be interesting. link

08:35 PM Sep 13th from Twhirl in reply to Dufus

On your public timeline(wat u see after u login) you see all the tweets sent by the people who you follow(friends / your fellow tweeps).

In case you wanna answer to one of ur friends you simply hit the reply button & type the reply.

>>Simp: @Dufus Wow that was damn interesting!

08:537PM Sep 13th from Twhirl in reply to Dufus

This implies that only dufus gets to see the message,simp sent (and those who follow both dufus & you-your mutual friends) Using @ helps people who are mentioned to keep track of tweets where they’re mentioned!Its good to mention ppl using their handles(twitter names) when referencing them in tweets.

>>Dufus: Hello @nitwit @macho @nerdy Come over to my house party #tweetdown

09:35 PM Sep 13th from Tweetdeck

However this is visible to all your friends(if there’s even a space /any character(s) before the @ )

Coming to the # tag…This is used in the searching of tweets containing the word after the #. Simply can track all the proceedings of a meet from ALL users(not only ur friends) if they don’t fail to include the # tag in their every tweet regarding the meet/watsoever!

Incase you wanna say something more personal..Use the direct message option,None but the receiver will know.

Here’s a compilation of answers to #whatistwitter ?, by some of the @people I know on the best microblogging service 😀

The red jots – my best effort to highlight some of the features.


And my answer to this #whatistwitter is this :- Its a repository of information..since you share everything here,which makes it my shared notes,newsfeeds,foxmarks,public chat,poll daddy..More than all this its a place for like minded individuals to network,find friends & reach wide.

Twitter is not only popular among business people,moms,IT pros,bloggers,..But also among many many celebrities…Some of those who I follow are ShashiTharoor,Chetan_Bhagat,mileycyrus,bdutt..! It is quite an excellent way to interact with people who you normally can’t imagine having a conversation with..Although it isn’t normal for all celebs to reply to all tweets directed to them…there ARE celebs who reply sometimes \m/Watch this amazing slideshow …



How to become a better writer

One of the good things about college (apart from free internet and the like)is the amount of quality time you can spend in the library (unless of course you are not the book loving type).I’m sure that everybody loves at least some form of literature – be it a sports mag /design journals/weekly news digests/the fab IEEE publications / worst case: those big dusty programming / geeky books that are hardly borrowed(real geeks don’t need those outdated books- that could possibly be the reason)..Well..There must be something in there for everybody..that’s what I feel.My reading habit is diverse…..:O At this point I realize I’m not sticking to the topic 😦 Ouch.. Well..So there I was browsing some random books…And this striking article on how to become a better writer caught my sight.So here it goes :

So you’ve always wanted to learn how to write?something a little bit  more zip than a grocery list?Look no further..Here are some valuable tips , courtesy of 

1) Avoid clichés like the plague – they’re old hat.

2) Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are unnecessary.

3) Do not use a foreign word when there is an adequate quid pro quo.

4) Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement.

5) Do not repeat yourself ,or say again what you have said before.

6) Be more or less specific.

7) Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

Thats folks!!!! Will be back with more tips l8r.Hope you had fun reading this as much as I had, when I did.Poit #3 is where I think I have trouble {[(I love parenthesis)]}Ciao 🙂

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For those of you who don’t make use of all the cool features that gmail provides … u gotta read this

Gmail Tip : Quickly Addressing A Message
Want to know a quick way to address another Gmail user? Read more to find out!

Did you know that you can send an email to another Gmail user by just entering their username into either the TO, CC, or BCC fields when you Compose a message? You do not need to type the rest of the “” address! Simple end elegant!