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What is up?

Me: Hey, I’m know I haven’t…..

Me: Save it.  We don’t even want to know it.

Me: Alright, I accept.. I am lazy,like all the time. Vampire bat 

Me: Haaah! Like we didn’t know that

Me:  Disappointed smile Please…May I?

Me: Yes, you may now draft that “biannual” blog post of yours.

Me: Thanks! And, You are sooo gonna be proved wrong. You’ll see…*hmmph*

Hey there, imaginary reader,

I’m doing great as always! Good news from my end: By the grace of the Almighty , I have got my dream job during the placement week at my insti! Open-mouthed smile 

You know how different people call life different things –

“life is a climb” – Miley Cyrus  (One of her very few brilliant compositions)

“ Life is a road I wanna keep going”  – Anastasia (The awesomest Disney movie)

“Life is a highway” – Rascal Flatts ( Another awesome animated movie The Cars’ OST)

“Life is a pigsty” – Morrissey

I was wondering what life means to me & probably If I were to write a song what would I call it. I didn’t have to think much , I’d definitely call life a jigsaw puzzle. I ‘ ve felt mine was like one big jugsaw puzzle that’s slowly unveiling the bigger picture and its soooo cool how God works on it beautifully. And like a jigsaw puzzle, when one part is done, another undone part(read problem Smile with tongue out ) takes the lime light.

Well anyway,this was just a warm-up post. Believe me I’m gonna publish all those drafts this week. So, gear up for some irrelevant and outdated stuff I had to say! Open-mouthed smile 

One more thing that I’m looking forward to this holiday season is the JagritiYatra I’m embarking! Ergo, this blog shall become my travelogue. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Season’s greetings! Winking smile

christmas, Seasons greetings


Christmas is forever, not for just one day,

for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself…

I can’t wait for christmas day to come…to go to church,wish everybody i see a merry x’mas.. eat freshly baked cake and christmas pastries and yummy food(slurp slurp..:P Not that I’m not previewing the cake on x’mas eve :D)….meet friends and family,and spread the cheer.

Even as an adult(half-adult,to be precise) I find it difficult to sleep on Christmas Eve.  Yuletide excitement is a potent caffeine, no matter your age. 

The Xmas tree this year was done by my brother..nevertheless it has turned out okay 🙂 (kidding)That perhaps explains why there are only 2 levels in the tree(last year it was 3 levels and it was ceiling high)Li’l bro without big sister to help!Anyway this is the tree:                                                                        Take a look   –>

Bought a new lantern and put it up,and some snow ball lights on the door curtains.Everything is looking cool 🙂

 I wanna have a different christmas this year…Lets see what I can do about it.No creative worthwhile idea yet.Any suggestions?

Christmas is forever, not for just one day,

for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself…

I wanna wish all my readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS from the bottom of my heart !
Dear Santa,
I still haven’t got my xmas present delivered.So please look into your sack and send it soon !
Waiting eagerly,

Seasons greetings

Happy Diwali !!

Its Diwali tomorrow..(atleast thats what my calendar says) but the celebs have already begun… Past few days,I can hear nothing but the bing bang booom! of the firecrackers -“sara veddi” as they call it..!

Diwali is the MAJOR Indian festival celebrated by hindus,jains,sikhs..(atleast thats how much wiki knows lol ) ..Around my place almost everyone I know celebrates it… Best part is getting invited to other peoples home for celebrations and probably a sumptuous dinnermrgreen .. I, being a christian enjoy such priveleges…! You’ve got the whole to lie on ur lounger watchin the good programs,talk shows,movies,n what not .. On Television !! .. OR you probably can visit your kith and kin and make their day!! (Option 2 sounds good,doesn’t it) And..When twilight sets in , O-M-G the whole town looks awwwesome… in a array of lights and diyas… Clad in their new clothes children n teens bursting crackers.. and displaying their fireworks ..and even if there s a little rain(like last year’s)..that positively doesn’t damper their festive spirit !!
So its time for the same fun again this year!!! Only difference : no invitations ,so far from friends around my placecry (although I’m ready evil to barge into homes razz if I don’t get any festive treats on ‘The day‘)…and the ones I’ve got are from places a little far off… cry !!!
Wishing you all a Very HAPPY DIWALI !!!!
P.S: Play Safe !smile and don’t forget to send me those sweets I’m expecting so much!! biggrin