Oh Snap!

Oh,Snap-3 : BLUE

Just another “Oh,Snap” moment I experienced,exactly a week ago ! My PC snapped! For the very first time in my 12 years of windows usage..!! <clap clap> 😛


Is there any way to get rid of the BSOD.Oh yeah.I was googling & found the perfect solution,that some creative genius discovered.Well..All discussed below..
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Oh Snap!

Oh,Snap-2 : Social Meltdown

The socially active peeps would’ve been aware of the social meltdown last night.Serious Twitter Outage Ongoing, Denial Of Service Attack that took a toll on nearly 45 million tweeple(twitter+people)

Even the largest sites still have occasional outages.Yahoo suffered 15 minutes of system wide downtime the day before, & we’re yet to know from them what went wrong..Facebook seemed down too..probably because all of the twitter traffic got redirected there 😛 (WHat am  I & ppl like me? The Social Snoopers or jus the one’s who get excited/vexed at such downtimes) You gotta experience such stuff cos they’re like the eclipse that we get to witness like once in a lifetime 😛 #farfetched alright,I know 😀

twit ANyway..All this meltdown are causes for more jabber on the social N/w which is fun for most of the jobless tweeps and not-so-fun for the other kind..whoever they be.(My aunt says everyone on twitter is jobless..else why would they want the whole world to know what they’re upto..Neva mind ..Its just Gen Gap I tell them)

Well It was time for me to switch on the fourth best thing to internet-The TV.


P.S: @MTVindia is hosting a contest for #whentwitterwasdown and this twitpic was my entry 😛 Please dont wish me luck to win the contest.. It isnt worth all that !! 😛Fullscreen capture 872009 122602 PM.bmp

P.P.S: HBO has been replaced(One of the numerous woes of a 2009 passed out grad student,without a call from the company(s) she got placed in) And this is the replacement :   —->

How can TBO(Tamil Box Office which should be called MBO.for mokkai as it airs Captain’s and TR’s and other classics) possibly replace HBO :((

Well Have a good Weekend ahead,everybody! 🙂

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P.P.P.S: I can’t help beaming @ my Oh,Snap-2 :The Meltdown title,as few great movies(IceAge:2) also share the same name !

Oh Snap!

Oh,Snap ! -1

oh_snapFor those of you who think that snap means nothing more than the literal ‘picture’ meaning,here’s what its urban meaning is

[Courtesy : urbandictionary.com]

#1 A word used to express a feeling of excitement generated during an unexpected or impressive event. The meaning of the word depends on its context and can range from disappointment to extreme satisfaction. The versatility of this work enables it to be used several times in a single conversation.

1. “Oh, snap the hoods on fire”
2. “Check out the jelly shake’n on her as she drops it to the floor…snap!”
3. “I was like ‘snap’ when I saw them rolling this waY”

#2 A phrase used to signify an unexpected and surprising event. “Snap” is considered the new “Wow”. Also can be used with “Oh” such as “Oh, Snap”

Oh, Snap! That dude just got ran over by a ice cream truck!

#3 (Not the connotation we’re talking) The substitute for the word “shit”.

Oh Snap! I forgot to bust a cap in jimmy’s ass last night.

This is the first of the ‘Oh,Snap’ series and without further ado..Here’s the snap:


Location : Pastry Shop,madurai.

What made me catch this on cam : The fact I had never seen a food outlet having books on healthy living and exercise,on sale.The way they saw, it was good marketing strategy & the way I saw – Bad ,cos it reminded me of exercise & made me forsake that delicious looking inside-out pizza on the counter & settle down with a measly slice of black forest cake.

More to come… 🙂 Tell me what you think 😀