A tribute to the King of Pop

I’m hitting the ASCII 65-122 and backspace chars,when what I’m trying to do is write something about MJJ.Even though he isn’t my idol or anything I feel I absolutely must pay him a tribute and in honor of him I pin up this post.*drum roll* MJ is all over the media now..You probably know him better now,than when he was alive..That’s my case too..You’ll see how.Read on..

/** For the record,the chat featured here is for real,involving real people.No editing has been done,except for deleting irrelevancies.  **/

amit: Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) will always be the greatest entertainer of all time !!!michael-jackson (1)

Gracelyne: u r a big tym MJ fan ryt..wat didcha do to pay tribute to him??

amit: hmm..

me posted comments all over the prayers..:(

Gracelyne: 😀 woke up this morn n first msg i saw was this death msg :Pu sen

amit: how many users do u think will take to crash Google..??

Gracelyne: 1 followed by 100 zero users? 😛

amit: then check this

Gracelyne: wow truly a legend

amit: tell u a fact..?

Gracelyne: yea Continue reading “A tribute to the King of Pop”