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Hyderabad – MSP BootCamp

I had the opportunity to witness the largest Boot camp in India and possibly the largest in the world!! Bootcamp – Hyderabad was everything but boring – What i meant to say was fun with a wonderful sense of fulfillment ! Buzz was that we’d get to witness some real core technology and sessions on the most happening stuff from Microsoft… True enough that was exactly what we got – plus getting to know a lotta people from allover India and Microsoft employees who spent their private weekend time with us..

Day 0 : March 5


Day 1 : March 6

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The journey with the madurai MSP’s (Microsoft Student Partners) was fun filled.We reached our destination on time and made our first taste of Hyderabad : Hottt !*watever that was* hottt hott !!!.Wiping off those lachrymal secretions,we made our hotel Check in, on March 6th – 3 pm (right on time)! Ella Suites was one heck of  a place!We were alloted suites, and our roomies were people from parts of the country other than where we were from.Mine was a local Hyderabad girl,Bhavana – a seemingly placid but a chatterbox nonetheless 😛 ..She was good company and was our GPS (with a little help from other Hyd msps) and helped us make sight seeing plans around town.After the check in everybody had a quick wash (except for me o’course – late as always,left behind by fellow madurai user group people => me boarding the next shuttle,meeting other interesting people) and scurried into the Microsoft Shuttle to make a dash to the Microsoft IDC (developer center) a few kms away.btw, That part of town was called Gachibowli(weird name huh)There was an internship exam for prefinal year people, while the rest of us engaged in an activity – Madads.Our team came up with a totally whacky,funky,weird,cool – u name it – that was how our ad for ‘Cloud computing’ was..and what was more – We got Best new idea Award.Whooho! 😛 After a really sumptuous buffet dinner,we were dropped in the Hotel.

Day 2 : March 7

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We had an early day – so that the academic team could squish in many of the tech sessions,without compromising on the time.There was the keynote by Pratima Amonkar(Director Academia,MS),then a not very interesting SQL Server 2008 session by the MSIT,BI-COE team(It helped me gain an insight that helped me a bit with my project – for the report generation module)After a short break,(whence we raided the MS Cafeteria for free drinks and beverages of some 15 + kinds) we had the MOST amazing session of them all – “Windows Mobile App Development” by Abhinav Gujjar (MGSI) – Man, is this guy cool…. He definitely knows how to handle a young crowd…In less then 10 minutes,he showed us how to develop a twitter app for Windows Mobile.The audience loved him!After a quick photoshoot,we had Lunch(as good as it can be) and then 2 final tech sessions – app security and cloud computing – both by the best in the field.Break again and we had Mark D’Souza ,Reza,Sid handle a cool session called “Win7,IE8,9 lives of students – The three musketeers” 🙂 Then was a feedback session and as promised earlier that day : sight seeing / some kind of fun was in stack.It turned out to be a Disco – Geeks and nerdies @ Disco – funny huh (even i thought so) – In reality was quite okay – geeks or not they are student community too.. 😛 Hyd norms allowed partying till 11.30. We had a poolside dinner and boy was it grand! We returned to our suites and then had a private party too 🙂

Day 3 : March 8

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Packed up our bags and left them so that we could pick ’em l8r..checked out and left for the IDC once again.Post breakfast we had an interaction session with the MS academic team and MSPs.After those sessions,We got out baggage and the shuttle dropped us at Koti (if I remember right) and we went sight seeing – I only wish we had more time to do that – however we manged to make the most of the time left and saw a few places – Charminar ,Hamid Sagar and also managed a lil shopping.All in all this was one memorable trip – the first time I had been to AP- and I had many firsts : first disco,first running train jump with a 3 inch stiletto(thank goodness I wasn’t sucked into the track),the rest of the firsts is n’t worth pinning up in public!The travel was glorious,owing to the excellent weather!

My very last bootcamp 😦 In that way – we felt a bit sad.But this had been the best ever.Thanks to everybody involved !! Special Thanks to the academic team !

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Regional UG Meet @ Chennai for MSP s !!

Twas the 2nd weekend in September that I boarded this sleeper AC Bus to depart from college (hooray) to the capital city-Chennai for the Regional UG meet ,otherwise named by MSPs as BootCamp ;). It was a tightly packed 2day camp with loads of fun and knowledge ,the sort that the techie geeks enjoy!

Day 1 :We were received @ the bus staion by MS Academic Team Lead, Reza.Then it was breakfast @ MS chennai Office @ lancor towers…after which Reza helped us break the ice…Then it was time for lunch….postlunch reza and jadeja (from Sales and Marketing group of Microsoft) handled some really good sessions on how to make the best out of campus club sessions :)…. I picked up some really good and valuable advice from the masters in the art of evangelism which I’m sure is gonna help me handle MCC sessions better than b4. Chennai and Madurai UGs were the attendees .. therefore reza partnered the both of us in teams of 2 to discuss our issues and stuff…It was a really useful session where we drew up our goals,challenges,vision and possible solutions…Then Jaddguji made a demo on WPF using an ellipse example, which could be done using Expression Studio aswell..he did it from the developer paradigm.In the twilight hours, we went to the Besant Nagar Beach,a popular relaxspot in the metro and had supper @ the Dosa House(if i remember the name right).Here Sid(Siddharth-MSP Pgm Lead) joined us for a short while..We had a really good feast and checked back into Hotel Woodlands at 12midnight after thebeach stroll at nyt :)…I do love beaches…
Day2 as everbody mentioned was a 100% technical one…At 10 we had Vinod Kumar(for those of u who don’t know,he’s one of the developers of SQL Server from MS.) .A session on ‘Whats new in SQL server was indulged by him.A quick breakfast on bread,jam and biscuits fed our hungry tummies…but there was more in store for our almost full peanut sized brain :D. hehe kidding.!Yea.. and one more thing..Vinod showed us a cool app from MS , AutoCollage ,that has facial recognition incorporated,so your collage looks really neat!Then Sid gave us an overview on the new MSP portal and the sorta things we could and should do in the academic year(on a more sterner note)He also spoke about the Live@edu and other such stuff..Dominoes pizza for a quick lunch…and then they managed to squeeze in the rest of the technical stuff in the short 4 hour duration that was left…Sid handled a few .Net fundamentals… Jadega (jaduji’s from the Sales and marketing part of MS) took a really interective session on Windows CE(embedded)….finally Krishnaa,passed-out MSP handled a Windows Server 2008 Demo.
After bidding goodbye to the team and fellow msps,We left hurriedly to the bus station (the delhi blasts tightened security measures in the metro).I could sense the air of excitment in the way everbody spoke.. Clearly everyone was enlightened to enlighten..and hopefully would try to make the MS Club @ their respective colleges like never b4 !
All this excitement happened on September 12,13,the 2nd weekend-so my stay at home sweet home was cut short 😦 ..!I am a little late in blogging na…Prioritisation problems ;).. Yea and one more thing I learnt from Jaduji – “ROI” Return on Investment (thats something I never used to care about …until then on. 🙂 )Anybody aspiring to an MSP contact me.. I ll give you the necessary info..This year the process has changed and is quite stringent(from the look of it :D)
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Launch of the Microsoft Campus Club @ my college !

On 18th March ,2008 was the much awaited launch of the microsoft Campus Club which was a part of the MSP endeavour (for details about wat an MSP is see the first post under March in the archieve).
The launch was at the Computer Science seminar hall at about 4.30.
We could sense excitement in the air from the hullabaloo !
The inaugral was very formal @ the begining – i mean prayer song and welcome address , inaugral address by HOD of IT, speech on the MCC (Microsoft Campus Club)……
Then it loosened up a bit after a flash presentation,and then Mr.Arun Kumar,TCE made his presentation for about an hour…. Introduction to Dot Net,Silverlight and Microsoft technologies as such ..
The official videos on the Imagine Cup , and Student rockstar were awesome there was a pulse of excitement among the spectators.
Overall the whole event went on fine and then we were introduces as MSPs of our college to the folks present there and it was all great !
The feedback session went on fine and there were a few students lingering in the hall after the event to make clarifications.
Looking at the number of students signing up for the campus club , I can predict that the MCC is gonna be the club with the highest sign-ups !! gosh .. and that is good ! MCC mainly focuses on dotnet classes for the members,hands on lab sessions,project contests and other such exciting events !

Hope we rock all year round !!!!