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Jack of all trades..master of none !!??

*** Disclaimer : This post may seem like an attempt for self-assertion,self-promotion-watsoever,but that is something that is totally unintentional ! ***

Technically – Jill of all trades…I wanna rule every arena that exists..but that just is impossible…There are a zillion things I wannabe…wanted2be..will-wannabe, ever since I started planning out my career (dates way back to pre Kindergarten maybe…No.probably since I started speaking..!!mainly because of those vexatious relatives who think “what do u wanna be when you grow up?” is a starter question for conversing with children!) Well anyways, as far as my memory fetches,I remember wanting to start a hairstyling parlor(entrepreneur kiddo – cool ) when I was mebbe 7 or 8.Then in elementary, I wanted to be a doc just like my mom because people spoke high of docs,then! In high school… the library was the most visited block.I joined the book club and man..Did I have so many cool friends who shared my taste… We could take only one book a week…But on a daily basis,we’d take one in the evening and return it and get another the next day,much to the lazy librarian’s exasperation(cos of which she stopped issuing one book/day ) so I had to grab other people’s card and make them take books for me..( The habit still lasts… 😉 but in a modified sorta way) So anywayz back to the point, I wanted to be a librarian..cos she gets to spend so much time with the book racks and news stands..”What a rocking life she leads..” i thought!! Well the librarian thingy passed soon,cos I realized there are other ways to grabbing books than the library 😛 (Note to the cripple brained people: Books here,strictly means novels,story books and the likes that any mom would shove away ,if she caught you sneaking past bedtime under the pretext  of learning for an important subject test !!Well I moved higher in the ladder of schooling,I wanted to be an artist, cos my painting was acclaimed second best in the all India camel color contest held then.. Nothing could stop the passion for paintbrushes,easels.I did manage to major myself in the various variants of the art -fabric,poster,watercolors,oil,glass,sand..!! Those were the good ol’ days.!! Needless to mention the books I read, kneaded the way i thought about my career.. I  loved reading sleuthhound stories …Famous 5,secret 7 to Sherlock Holmes..Nancy Drew ..Agathe Christe.. Loved ’em all.. Forensic Science shows in Nat Geo made me seriously think of that as a career prospect.Class 8-9 We had Shakespeare and the high school english classes were a breeze and I was Miss.Jane’s (my lovely english teacher) favorite student..Poetry contests and Shakespeare – needless 2 mention, brought the poetess in me out and showcased it to the world..mainly Ms.J cos it was she who judged my first poem – ‘Is peace the need of the hour ? ‘ and acclaimed it to be a masterpiece(this is something I put in,myself 😛 ).That was the start and end of my poetry career.. I haven’t written any major good poems, since..although I have written what I call  mini-poems ..haikus ..!

Class 10 – what was that they called it … ?? ..” turning point in life..or something like that” My Biology teacher inspired me and that was when I decided that I wanted to be a scientist doing research projects..My Science fair project also won first prize something in school level only pushing the dream higher…Class 10 was the end of my enthusiastic study time !!

Class 11 ,12 were a world in its own entirety.It marks the birth of the punk in me !Its a marvel what these years can do to you…your ambitions..YOU mainly.. Although I was forced into learning music ever since I was 12 years(the Grand Piano !) I never really liked learning to read the musical notes and aarrgghh the music master I had first, ditched me 😦 for not practicing and doing as told ! Mom didn’t stop there.. She found a new one each time one left and finally I had this super cool church pianist who made me one too 🙂 It was at that time TV shows featured the American Idol,Super Singer and stuff like that… So probably you are thinking I wanted to be a singer …Embarrassingly ..Yes !! Not only that.. a music composer too…!! Well anyways…my music career is limited to singing in church choirs and carols and  music I’ve composed is paltry.That’s that! I can live with it !! Anyways, One should have a clear focus of the future @ this stage and probably ‘cos people around me wanted me to do medicine , I didn’t wanna… ‘A maverick in the making !! :)’ .. I started reading sidney sheldon.. And what do you know.. I loved the intelligent attorneys who screwed up the defendants ..Amazing.. how life makes you wannabe so many things at once.. Well,my family screwed up this choice of mine giving.. some dumb silly excuse that, law practitioners lead a dog’s life and they(my parents) just can’t see their bubble wrapped princess to endure that !!! HUH!!!(Gen X people!!!) That was so damn frustrating !!! Well I didn’t know better about standing up to my wishes, here I am now as a Engineer in computer science ! At the onset , I thought its the end of my thinking process for finding an ambition..but then… So many prospects and specializations here also !!So here I go again.. (Mba/Ms/work in the IT firm I’m placed in..?!?)But this time..I have the say in everything…Thankfully time has healed me or has it?!

Life is amazing …..There are a zilllion things you wanna do but actually do nothing at all.. !! Amazing or what! Right  now I gotta kick out the lazy bum caterpillar in me and turn over into a cute butterfly…

I dunno the time frame whence Gracy wanted to be an astronaut,nuclear physicist,journalist,fiction writer,interior designer,national player in shuttle/badminton,movie director(this one I know:when i received accolades for the best skit in school assembly,for which I was director),Chess genius(this triggered off when I won gold- beginners level:sadly,the first and final chess medal.).. I’m sure the list is incomplete.Shall update when I remember the other wannabes.Uffff… Writing this post had made me wanna go back to those times and become jack of all those trades I started off with such an enthusiasm that evanesced with the same momentum!This picture probably sums me up:

Bottom line: I have deviated from the thread I was thinking along, to another(from the jack of all trades to life’s ambitions)This has gotten me thinking..If only I had been jack of one trade,say chess – Would I  have achieved something worth singling me out ?!So….. Is it worth being a jack of all trades or master of one?? Help me think .. Post your views in the comments section.

life time goals

21 long years on Planet Earth

At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; and at 40 the judgment.- Ben Franklin
Aug25 this year was one of those good times in life for me.. Do’h ..Twas my b’day..So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Me 🙂
There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents … and only one for birthday presents, you know.~Lewis Carroll….
Gifts (mu-hahaaaaaa) are one of the best parts of this mighty gud day.The haul was pretty good this time :D…I don’t wanna seem like a gift hogging ape…but who cares everybody loves presents.
Why is a birthday cake the only food you can blow on and spit on and everybody rushes to get a piece?– Bobby Kelton .True huh !
As the years keep rolling I suddenly get the dreary feeling that I’m undergoing metamorphosis .. this transformation from a juvenile to what could possibly be termed mature adulthood… is
😦 yuck ! Its something we all have to live with some day or the other whether we like it or not!Looking back @ everything.. prekindergarten at cape comorin.. Elementary at Nagercoil…High school n above at Pearl city..College at Cracker city(certainly a crackkker) I get the sick feeling of emptiness , I think 😕 .
This aug 25 had gotten me thinking about why am i on Planet earth…other than the fact that I am just a waste of good breathing air..(Lol).This sinking funny feeling left me thinking about what my life goals could be..I jotted down a few ideas.. and things I must do before I get off Planet Earth..I won’t disclose all my jots…. But few of the things that I wanna do is this:
1) Take a world tour .( or at the least the UK,France..probably an Eurotrip 😀 )
2) Watch the opening of the Olympics.(In person i.e..,)
3) Learn to play the violin ( Meryl Streep’s movie “Music from the heart” had something to do with this:) )
4) Learn how to speak Spanish (movies again;) )
5) Become a published author (whether in a newspaper, magazine, or preferably a book.)
6) Own the biggest Movie Library (Really passionate about this one)
7) Contribute something meaningful to a great charity or organization
8) See my favourite bands perform LIVE ( especially Avril I’d like to .. )
9) Donate my eyes
The list is endless .. I have about some 20 of them right now.All of it ain’t worth publishing..atleast not @ this juncture..
Yeah, they are rather lofty,I agree… but some of them are kind of directions to go in, rather than do or die goals. As in, if I move towards becoming a enlightenend soul or published author, the process itself will be rewarding.
Apart from all of these worldly goals I do have a few religious ones too like Reading the entire Bible and praying and meditating everyday.
And again there are a few of the unhinged and insane ones like Singing in public 😀
I may have to save, scrimp,skimp to achieve few of those goals.. But one thing is true..I find great things in the simple joys of life…A cup of hot coffee on a rainy day with my favourite music on the backdrop… Sleeping under the stars… Watching the twilight fade slowly and midnight creep in… (Lol I do sound like a weirdo at tyms don’t I ?… Wait till you read this part below the pic 😀 )

Do you take time to appreciate the simple joys in life? Do you smile at the sun or sing in the rain? Do you feel the high of being on top of a mountain or feel the warmth of the sand beneath your feet at the beach? Do you stop to smell fruit on a tree or flowers on a bush? Do you take time to coo at an infant, or to watch puppies or kittens at play? Do you savor the foods you eat? Do you really listen to, and enjoy, the music you hear? Are you thankful for the air you breathe and the life you have been given? Most of all, do you ever take time to marvel in the mere-yet-profound fact that, of all the infinite possibilities in the Universe, God/The Creator (or whatever you wish to call the Ultimate Source) chose to create you?
We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: We have the power to imagine better. –J.K. Rowling

Lets make our stay on Planet Earth worthwhile !
Waiting for your feedback and hoping to see you pop in your goals.. on my comment page.
Good Day yall…
Have a great and fulfilling week ahead !