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My Calculator and I

This is something I penned down right after a certain exam I dreaded,got over(in mid December)..I didn’t wanna publish it then,but now that I have heaved sighs of relief,I thought – why not?? and here goes :

As many of you know by now.. or even if you don’t : The subject I dreaded the whole of the engineering process was Digital Signal Processing a.k.a Degree Stopping Paper 😦 I took the exam today @ 9… My preparations were done really good (relative to the meager preparations I had for the internal exams ) It so happens that I always enter the exam hall exactly after the last bell sounds(meaning I do not waste a drop of the last minute time).. and so, as always entered in a hurried manner took the answer sheet and filled the details.. Kept praying  to God that the question paper should be easy.. Having an unpredictable pattern of question paper rules,(Why do they ask problems in theory papers and theory and derivations in Problematic ones,making it all the more knottier !!!)I was only hoping that there’d be some easy sums to solve.. Turned out it was a hybrid of both..paper was set such that you knew only one of the subdivisions under each option(meaning either way you lost half the marks) I did some major blunders (maybe) choosing the theory questions and somehow arriving at a speculation of the answer ! And in the problem section I don’t know if what I did was right..(All the summations and Z transforms and filter design coefficients,choosing the right limits :X ) I know I have done a few mistakes.. Just kept pushing my calculator buttons the 3 hours time, trying hard!

Today morning I prayed and read the Bible . Psalm 46 : “God is our refuge and strength ,a very present help in time of need ….. The Lord Almighty is with us;the God of Jacob is our refuge” It was so solacing to read it and take that promise as mine !

When out of the exam hall, some of my peers had done as bad as me (as they said, but you just can’t assess that ) and few others heaved huge sighs of relief ! I have learnt a huge lesson…I did a Why-Why assessment and learnt my lesson- The reason that this was the exam I “FEARED” the most was this : I flunked all the 3 class tests.. I have written the maximum number of DSP tests (including the 3 re-tests) and still the subject fumbles me!!!!! The reason I bombed all tests was my not heeding the professor’s advice and taking down the notes.and why did I not wanna take notes?? Just my “I am in final year .. I ‘ve got a job…I can do things at last minute and get away with it…”attitude ! Never let your “last minute breezing things” ability get to your head I’m sorry I ‘ve let myself down! I’ll try to be a better person in my forth coming student years.I am not gonna publish this post right now.If I clear the paper I will !

God, Pllleeeeeeeaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me !

On a merrier note, My total aggregate is the lowest I’ve got so far..Who cares??!!! I have cleared DSP(with an awesome 75%) Hallelujah !! 🙂 and  now I can scorn at that freako of a prof ,who looked down on me !!

P.S : The underlined portions… I can’t believe I wrote them :O , No..seriously !