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What is up?

Me: Hey, I’m know I haven’t…..

Me: Save it.  We don’t even want to know it.

Me: Alright, I accept.. I am lazy,like all the time. Vampire bat 

Me: Haaah! Like we didn’t know that

Me:  Disappointed smile Please…May I?

Me: Yes, you may now draft that “biannual” blog post of yours.

Me: Thanks! And, You are sooo gonna be proved wrong. You’ll see…*hmmph*

Hey there, imaginary reader,

I’m doing great as always! Good news from my end: By the grace of the Almighty , I have got my dream job during the placement week at my insti! Open-mouthed smile 

You know how different people call life different things –

“life is a climb” – Miley Cyrus  (One of her very few brilliant compositions)

“ Life is a road I wanna keep going”  – Anastasia (The awesomest Disney movie)

“Life is a highway” – Rascal Flatts ( Another awesome animated movie The Cars’ OST)

“Life is a pigsty” – Morrissey

I was wondering what life means to me & probably If I were to write a song what would I call it. I didn’t have to think much , I’d definitely call life a jigsaw puzzle. I ‘ ve felt mine was like one big jugsaw puzzle that’s slowly unveiling the bigger picture and its soooo cool how God works on it beautifully. And like a jigsaw puzzle, when one part is done, another undone part(read problem Smile with tongue out ) takes the lime light.

Well anyway,this was just a warm-up post. Believe me I’m gonna publish all those drafts this week. So, gear up for some irrelevant and outdated stuff I had to say! Open-mouthed smile 

One more thing that I’m looking forward to this holiday season is the JagritiYatra I’m embarking! Ergo, this blog shall become my travelogue. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Season’s greetings! Winking smile


Summer of 11

Remember that Bryan Adams tune that squeals about the best days of his life.. This one’s  all about the best “productive” days of my life – the summer of 2011.

TOO much productivity happened!  Please to remove your nerd detector spectacles and read on.. Smile

1)Participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge for the first time.The hands-on online marketing experience was uber cool indeed!! The joy one feels on seeing ads written by her pop up on page 1 of searches – only second to seeing your ads flash on national television.So , yeah! \m/

I shall have a separate post dedicated to the GOMC event so that the future n00bs get the nitty-gritties from a ex-n00b.

2)Ennovent : As NSEF Author of Change, I was one of the chosen few to help author change in one of the social enterprises, Ennovent. That was really lucky because it was one of the very few ‘work from home’ option. I tried to help them in their social media marketing venture. One big learning from this experience was how some companies prefer organic growth as opposed to quickly growing in numbers in a short while in an unorganized way. A big #notetoself there.

3)Also, one secret project. Winking smile  Will tell ya once it goes live.

4)Oh and how could I forget Project Naluvurameens! An awesome online music band. Check us out here.  Time to buck up cos  OMG we have competition – Times of India, Madurai Launch song.

5)Apart from these, the major chunk of my time was dedicated to the Summer Internship as part of my course – My first real management trainee job and boy was it fun! Learnt so much about the organisation and people and life in general, while visiting almost a thousand odd institutions. No kidding!

6)Also you’re at the end of a kickass kickboxer’s blogpost now. Learnt that in my gym class this summer.

You now know what I did last summer. Now tata, till next time! Open-mouthed smile

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World Pees

Last night I came across this LOL-worthy status on Aditya’s Wall (not the wall people pee on) and pasted it on my twitter page and Zzzzz’ed! This morning I woke up at my non-regular time, 6:00 AM & do the first thing like I always do (which fyi, is not a pee routine) : check my mobile for messages and calls… &  ._O 20 + messages from those retweets of this pees of tweet. (since my mobile no is linked to my twitter account) And, surprisingly one person had congratulated me for being on the top tweets (On the home page of twitter the top tweets are listed from all over the world) Wow, super cool! After a early morning walk (which was awesome but for the fact I had to walk by walls where Disappointed smile NevaMind ) , here  I am checking out the no of retweets on twitter web:A 100+ !! Wow! Well enough yappa yappa, here’s the one that marks a FIRST on twitter for me :


LinkedIn = I pee well.

Twitter = I need to pee.

Facebook = I peed!

Foursquare = I’m peeing here.

Quora = Why am I peeing? (Via EffBee)

Fellow tweeps & I had a few more to add to that list:

MySpace = listen to me pee.

StumbleUpon = I just found a great place to pee

Flickr = look at my pee through the years.

YouTube = Tell people their pee is fake.

Orkut : Can we have fraandship over pee?

And Wow, Somebody has translated that to Spanish / German (I’m not sure what)


That’s brings us to the end of what this is. But,  “Will there ever be World Peace?” read on. Open-mouthed smile

Here’s the funny thing about this question: nearly everybody has an opinion, either “yes” or “no” or  “Whatever” or “Not until Rajin Kanth/ Chuck Norris takes over the world”,  But where do all those opinions come from? I say they come from the past. They’re projections of our past war-torn world.

Yes, it’s wise to let the past inform us, but it’s crippling to let the past constrain the possibilities for the future.

The future HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. .. it’s undefined, undetermined, uncharted. It’s virgin snow, there are no tracks there for us to follow, unless we mistake the past for the future.
So I don’t know if we’ll have world peace ever or not. But I know that as long as we keep taking the past and laying it out into the future, and just following those same old tired tracks again, we’ll keep getting more of the same: war.

“When the power of love overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace.” quoting my good friend Jimi Hendrix there!
YES! I think eventually somewhere someday there will be world peace.

FunFact # 3411926 : If the Russian word “mir” means both “world” & “peace”, one would be wondering “How in the world do they say ‘world peace’?” “mir mir”? I hope not, one might be confused and translated it as “world world” or “peace peace”. Smile with tongue out

The reason I was pushed to write this post is not the fact I got a 100+ RTs but the realization, that it IS possible. Twitter,you made my day (Well not totally, an hour possibly) Smile




Dedication  : WeWantWorldPeace.com

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Coup de Grace : 2010 in review

Hi imaginary reader,

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This was not really the first 2011 post I had in mind. But then, who gives a damn? 😛

I really liked this WordPress Blog report & wanted to share it here because only WPStat would remark that my blog’s health-meter is a WOW . Wow! indeed! .. considering I had put up only 6 posts in 2010. I am truly ashamed to call myself  “blogger”. Hopefully 2011 will be worse. ( I say year+1 would be better every year & it turns out otherwise. So that’s a wise move, no? )

Fun fact #38949 : This is the quickest blogpost I’ve put up, since the time I kept my newyear resolutions the WHOLE freaking year. (for those who dont have a sarcasm detector, that is a NEVER)

May you all have awesome times in 2011



PS: Fun fact #38950 As you’ll read later, or not, this blog had viewer thats 4 Boeing 747-400 passenger jets can hold to full capacity.

/* Disclaimer

“Coup de Grace : 2010 in review” is a review of a review of a review that you should maybe review to understand the review of the review of the review better.

Okay, Bad joke. I quit.



The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 3,500 times in 2010. That’s about 8 full 747s.


In 2010, there were 6 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 80 posts. There were 30 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 960kb. That’s about 3 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was November 19th with 120 views. The most popular post that day was A Rebranding mistake?*.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were twitter.com, facebook.com, gracelyne.com, joshimukard.wordpress.com, and balamurugesan.blogspot.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for seven habits, 7 habits, coup de grace, bunking class, and the 8th habit.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


A Rebranding mistake?* November 2010
15 comments and 1 Like on WordPress.com,


Memoirs of Those lovely days September 2009


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Oh,Snap-3 : BLUE October 2009


The Entrepreneurial Bug – Guess who’s got bitten by it? July 2010

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of buses and fusses !

Being the bubble wrapped daughter of my parents I was never used to the typical Indian mode of commuting – The Great Indian Buses….until o’course I joined college…And buses are the best ways to make a trip to that pal’s place or to that neighbor town where you can catch a movie with ur buddies and get the ‘despicable person’ tag around your neck after the insti figures out what you’ve been doing! Well lets not get into that,for the moment! 😛

So where were we.. Yeah.. Since I was never used to this mode of transport,I was excited when I got to travel by bus as a regular.As days moved I got hit by the harsh realities of a typical bus commuter’s life aboard the bus…Conductors brushing past the people for issuing ticket (when I experience this sick issue system I truly feel India is underdeveloped 😦 ) Have you ever been shouted @ by a bus driver for no reason at all?Did it ever happen to you to have only a 100 INR note and the driver refused to let you get on because he “had no change”?Have you had enough of this? I have !


A truly overrated picture that I found at a Yankee’s blog.I couldn’t  help fuming over the post.Here’s a excerpt –

” Child: What bus? All I see is a big pile of Indians!

Man: That’s what Indian buses look like. Indians are too cheap to pay for a seat, so they sit on the roof instead. Come on inside, we have the whole bus to ourselves!

Child: This ride is so bumpy! Aren’t there any roads in India?

Man: There’s only one, and it isn’t any better than this.You can’t drive fast on it because around every corner there’s a herd of holy cows.

Child:Wow – this place is horrible. And to think that an Indian movie just won all those Oscars!

Man: They must have had a quota or something. Indians movies are boring – no car chases, not even any kissing. And they’re mostly cheap knock-offs of western entertainment. For example, notice how all their music is ripped off from the Beatles. *** set of youtube links follow ***

:O I know that most parts of the conversation is true..but to hear from another national is truly an embarrassment !!! Trivia : London bus drivers are rated the worst in the world!

Last week I was at Madurai city,and was taking the local bus to my friend’s home 15 minutes away.As I hopped onto the bus,I luckily got a seat near a lady(Note to international readers :; : In India people don’t sit near a person of the opposite sex,cos that is considered saucy and not right.*beats me!*),the conductor of the bus(BC) made his way up front to issue my ticket..As i was running a little short of money..I was counting my coins and gave him some change which happened to be exact..and the BC’s reaction completely left me amazed – This guy actually said ‘Thank You’,which was something I’ve never encountered before from a BC & therefore swung back and asked ‘huh??’ BC said ‘Thank you for giving the exact change *smile* ‘ Wow-Change does makes people other than obama happy! 😀 Grinning at the BC, i thought – things are getting better!And the world would be a better place only if everybody was courteous! BC ‘s are not the only persons who should learn what that means.. Fellow commuters who shove each other for getting aboard,getting a place to sit,ignoring the 3 legged people that travel along with us – everyone shud learn. Change begins in thy heart,as charity begins at home.

In a lame attempt to make a haiku that actually rhymes 😛 :buss

Buses don’t derange

Buses are cool

Unless you carry change

you are deemed a fool !!

Feel free to write what you think about the Indian Bus system in the comment section!Even though I’m pretty certain this isn’t going anywhere…atleast I’l get to know varied opinions 😛




Just found this picture in my mailbox…I really loved it,so thought you should all take a look… What is the little lady thinking??? And the child’s chair is really funny..Wish this had been a shot with the face of the angel,visible..After a particularly pissed off day ,this pic is kinda assuasive @ and brings a grin on my tired face!

Wassup ?   Listening to this amazing track(Addicted) by Enrique Iglesias (Wondering if he’s one of those who get emotions right, when they’re drunk) while working on  this personality test…Too bored to work on my project presentation for a contest,which is up in 2 days..Here’s the result of the test : *ta daaa*

my personality score

Yea- they’ve got extroverted wrong 😛 (bad spelling bees) !

I’m an INTP – ‘The Engineer’ (bingo!)

Preferences : Introverted iNtuition Thinking Perceiving

Temperament : NT (Intellectual)
INTP Population :Total: 2.5% Male: 4% Female: 1% (Being part of the small crowd feels gr8)
Primary Function :Introverted Thinking

Secondary Function : Extraverted Intuition

Tertiary Function : Introverted Sensing

Least Function : Extraverted Feeling

Real INTP people :

Abraham Lincoln ,Albert Einstein (cool),Charles Darwin,Meryl Streep,Socrates,William Harvey….

You can take this test HERE,if you are jobless at the moment. 🙂 (Do send in the link of your results in my comment page) 😀

Insomniac – Greenday : gr8t music and hearing it at this hour of night is making my roomie mad.Better switch to savage garden! I’m gonna work on this post called Project Thesis – the stark reality! Hope to publish it soon enough,without any controversies 😛 ! If you are wondering why I published this random rant,Umm..I’m looking for the answer too.. Let me know if you find it sooner than me (Er.. probably bcos I can’t think straight this nanosecond)