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Whats the best excuse for going late to college???

From elementary thru’ higher secondary thru’ college,sadly(?) I’ve always been late to school/college,wateva! 

Some may disagree and believe that it is ok to show up late to class. There are generically two separate attitudes:

1. “We pay our tuition, we should be able to make our own choices and if showing up late to class is one of them, then we have right to do so.” -random student 1

2. “We pay our tuition so I think that we should be able to reap the benefits of a full class without interruptions or disturbances that effect the learning experience.” -random student 2

I agree with #2 ,but have the #1 behavior,which makes my teachers think there’s a problem with my attitude! 😦 Today morning we got chided by a senior lecturer,X and was then made to go meet a even higher designation official,Y for being late to project lab. 5 of us(the regularly chided :(( ) stood near the entrance having(?) dull faces seeing X.

(Act1 Scene 1 :  arty,DP,sajj,balloon, me, X )

X: Go meet Y and get permission from him(her).

Us: (keeping mum)
me: lets go near X and say we won’t be late again.
balloon: lets c if it works
(inching near X… 5 steps and then X yells”don’t come here.go to Y.(s)he asked me to forward all the late comers to him(her))
us:(retreating to our original place near door..)
sajj:What do we tell X?I can’t go to X..for sure X is gonna holler @ me!
me: What excuse r  we gonna use.. We can’t say we went to dispensary,for there’ll be records there..
balloon:someone fell down on the way..???!!or her gold ring fell somewhere we were looking for it?
DP:maybe..My lens fell and we were searching for it .?!?
(People in the last rows near us: say you were only a minute late)
me: lol .He’d never lets not lie.If he finds the truth>!@?
Art:lets not waste time..Start moving..

(EXIT art,balloon,dp,sajj,me)

(Act 1 Scene 2 :art,balloon,dp,sajj,me.Outside the lab)

sajj : I can never face X :((
me: me 2 yaar 😦 (having a terrible fit of giggle)
art: (glaring)Why is that u always laugh @ times like this..inside the lab also u r controlling ur u know what Y would think had (s)he seen you !
(seriously I don’t know that myself.. 😦 evry1 around me scolding,only to increase the intensity of it.)
me:Ok i’m alright now.lets move and tell we will never be late again.(controlling a fit..maybe its the sadness that’s coming out in the volatile form of a giggle !!?!)
dp:go thru’ this way,else our class people will see this shame.
me: (thinking- is this such a shame?) good thinking..Move..
On the way (Ppl from IT lab laughing their best laughs/smiles @ us)

(Act 2 Scene 1)

Standing outside Y’s cabin.Ppl telling me to come last incase I repeat the same.. Y is busy talking to Z,who had once severely censured us.

Thinking(Can it get worse than this??)
peon: stand somewhere where he can see you,only then he’ll call you
balloon:No Thank you. let Z go,we’ll meet Y then.
(Summoning ring of Y’s bell !!!OOpsys!)
art: Sir(Ma’m).. We were late to class,so X sent us here to meet you
Y: (starts with)Do you have any sense,gals? How many times do i have to warn you.and u ,sajj -you’ve had 2 warnings already haven’t you?and u ppl,Do u have a problem with your attitude?What’s wrong?Tell me why you were late?(Rest is history.Can’t be scripted down)
keeping mum.Just nodding heads, time and again.
(Whoops..Y starts questioning individually.We are blasted)
Y:art,wen did you go to sleep and wake up? up @ 8 😐
Y :10 hours???!!! Only people above the age of 80 do that.6 hours of sleep is enough for young people.How can u sleep so long ma?(clearly surprised)
me: (having a hard time with that fit !!)thinking(Art is the only 1 who gets up early and wakes the rest of us.Lol he’d have worse fits of anger if he asks the rest of us.All the remaining 4 were the kinda people,who’d sacrifice food and water for sleep,and remain in bed 12-14 hours,STRAIGHT without the slightest disturbance)

The remaining part is not gonna be disclosed(especially not the one about sajj breaking down/my fit part).End of act-Writing a letter to be filed (OUch!!OMG.The college has these strict deals with people filing apologies(the even semester disaster has started)).Verdict by Y: “All 5 of you,you should be here by 8.55am,every single day.I will personally see to it.and if any of you comes late,then don’t you dare (-deleted-).

Real reason behind every late moment is:getting up late– inability to get bathrooms to wash(being a hosteller,this is one of the problems).Not that the hostel is so unequipped or anything like that(best hostel in all of TN,I dare say)..just that everybody resides in the same wing of the residence and we have almost of the night birds in this wing,who also are part of the traffic of morning buckets!Anyway we usually have to waste 1 to 2 minutes standing there..But its a big deal when every single second counts 😛

Usually reasons people use for being late is: room lock wasn’t found.(not many buy this excuse),fell sick or went to the dispensary,forgot to take an important assignment so went back for it,Went to the administrative block(which is like a mile away from our block),Went to meet our project guide/staff advisor/mentor..Something like this..

I really am running out of reasons..So if anybody have any ideas,do write them down here.It wouldn’t help me again(because I’ve sworn I’d never be late again,..I Hope)….but for the rest of the likely-to-be-late group of students,suffering from attendance problems…It may)

<<– faces during the disaster moment.