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How I met with Father Time.

First off, Great to see you here again! Spank me (hypothetically wonly) for being such a hypothetical blogger. You have no idea how good it feels to open this hypothetically cobwebbed Windows-Livewriter to *airjerk* BLOG again! Hopefully I shall be more regular.

“Well, what kept me *rolls eyes* busy?” you ask? Ummm…Loads of things. Hours of churning out Yem-Bee-Yay assignments.Preparations for classes / the never ending plethora (there’s no better word.Trust me on this one) of exams. Oh, I forgot about the “fortress of Barnitude” that led to solitude. While the former reasons may not be true, the last one IS! I can’t seem to forgive myself enough for not getting a load of the awesomeness of the gorgeousness of the legend….. (wait for it) …..dary Barney Stintson, any earlier. Like him,In my body, where the shame gland should be, there is a second awesome gland. True story.(Why else would I admit the shamefulness of not watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for soooo long. But seriously, its a great sitcom guys. Incase you havent seen it yet, think about it – ‘why was Neil Patricson born into this world?’, ‘why were torrents created?’ , ‘Whats the reason for the existence of my creepy next door neighbour / room mate?’, ‘Why is the writer an incredible bundle of #awesomeness?’ While the answer to the last question maybe beyond your comprehension, awwwhh forget it!

Over the last couple of months, when something that makes me go 😀 happens I soo wanted to publish that to the whole world but somehow hadn’t had the time to do it (Come to think of it, Garfield had a better time management system in place). So this is a salmagundi 😛 of the \m/ happenings of my yestermonths, chronologically arranged to the best of my memory (or after a cross check with my FB wall).


TedXChennai : Mega awesome experience listening to various speakers speaking, guitar riff~ing, hiphop~ing, dancing and most of all awe-inspiring. I was the “official tweeter” and it was an amazing day – 10/10/10, with a 10/10 score.

facebook-is-watching EffBee : Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is to blame for many of the stuff that has happened to my life… and credits to him,also. (Just a thought thats crossed my mind now, Why haven’t I tried to reach out to him [add] and perhaps I shud send across some virtual gifts n buttons n fish n poultry] for being such a darlin creating what’s chellamly called by yours faithfully as EffBee.) Yes kids, EffBee has invariably replaced the @g33f on twitter & my lovely Coupe de grace. Its much more convenient and in any case, gets me more feedback 😛 & it has awakened me to loads of awesome stuff happening in and around Chennai, that I euphorically take part in! But, yeah.. I will never forget / forsake the very first social media date I had.. (My journey with “social media” afai can remember, began with Yahoo! geocities : a type of blog wonly! So this shall always be IT ) Incase you’d like to read some of my past updates, here are a few :

Term I grades are out!! :S ;[Mine’s the same as my blood group. How I wish I were that universal donor group. ;( (#SadStory)

Have always wanted to watch Don Moen perform live and experience bliss. Really happy that I was able to do that on his first trip/show in India.Still encompassed in the glorious presence! Thanks Don Moen at Chennai Team. (#AwesomeStory)

Counting Crows is addictive!*Super addicted* (#TrueStory)

Guess what??? We had a heavy metal band in church today – “Nailed” .And they are one of the 5 finalists of the Chennai Live 104.8FM BAND HUNT ! The little monster of a singer (11 years) rocked the stage & left us :OHope they win!! \m/ \m/ (#RockstarStory)


Here’s the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is my life.

I witnessed Don Moen on his first ever trip to India. It happened at YMCA grounds, here @ Chennai. One word – Overwhelming! That’s one item less on my bucket  list! Yay! One thing to add about THE guy, he has a mouth for one-liners (like an eye for details idiom 😛 ) and he cracked a few jokes on stage as we sang, “We’re gathered here, FINALLY”, the final country music dance for “God is good” & the encore, and all through the concert I had \m/ company & great fun singing along and glorifying God.

And again, it was only day before yesterday that I had the opportunity to meet with the ex-President of India, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam who had come for a college event. Thats 2 off my B list.

It would be totally unfair if I fail to mention the glutton that’s eating up most of my 24 hours for the day, 7 days of the week – College. Business Studies is , ermm… (what’s the word I’m looking for? ) a slap-up affair. (Maybe it has slapped me in the face once or maybe more, but yes, I’m hanging in there and having a good time)

And… I’ve had several serious realizations, one of which is : “ Shut up! Announcing your plans makes you less motivated to accomplish them. –  Derek Sivers” . Just letting you know that I am shutting up about a few other mini-cherries under creation. 😉

So that’s all the time I got for you..see ya again another day.

Good Night! Sleep tight, while I go sleep with a ‘nothing done & everything undone’ *for want of a better word* trauma. If Holden Caulfield was here, he’d have joined me in exclaiming – “ Its killing me!” but, literally ofcourse. Darn I miss re-reading that book. I miss the sleep of my life. I miss the lovely weekend carnivals. I miss Father Time.

And How did I meet Father Time,today??  By cheating on Mother Absolutely Necessary,of course. TrueStory.Shamelessly told, without proof-reading.Dot.

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The Entrepreneurial Bug – Guess who’s got bitten by it?

Moi!!! Yes, lil ol’ me! How? Why? What?! When? I haz no answer.I dont really know when I got bitten by it.. Anything could have done it.Maybe those books by IIM peeps I’ve read or that humble “Eat Cake” book by jeanne ray I loved to read long long ago or ‘me finally making it to a B-School’ (I know b-grad != successful entrepreneur) or maybe the \m/ people I met in my recent social media meetups & the stories they told me or that totally naive B-plan thingie that won me a title in DARE(*shameless hoot* 😐 ).. Point is.. I’m a wannabe-entrepreneur.As simple as that. Or, err..otherwise!


Flipping through the pages of one of my favorite magazines, “Entrepreneur” I found this interesting piece, which I wanna share with y’all. Here ya go :

10 Reasons to Run a Business from Home

1.Getting up at 9 am or 11 am.Or not at all .You could work from your bed.

2.Going green by default.You wouldn’t be driving to work,would you, genius?

3.Never having to miss another cricket match again. Bliss!

4.No manipulative co-workers to deal with.Just manipulative kids.

5.Having full discount meals.Yesterday’s leftovers make for the cheapest lunches.

6.Being able to listen to Iron Maiden at full blast.Or Himesh Reshammiya.Whatever rocks your boat.

7.Being able to make your own coffee.Just the way you like it.Bootstrappers know how important that is.

8.Eating your meals at your desk.Or make your dining table your desk.Whatever is lazier for you

9.Never having to dress up for work.Never.Two words for you- boxer shorts

10.Never being nagged again for not coming back home in time.

That is real freedom!!

If you’re looking for inspiration, I think you should take a look at this.. 🙂

And my entrepreneurial area of interest?? My baby’s gonna be a social enterprise &/ an ad firm. Only so much info for now. Kinda started with the planning process..but as I can see, I’m going nowhere. If anybody’s interested in collaborating, ping back. And guess who I gotta meet last week?! 😉 Rashmi Bansal along with 3 other people who are featured in her best selling books ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ & ‘Connect the Dots’,the latter’s book release for which she was here @ Landmark last sunday. We had an awesome time there & I even gotta meet a likeminded entrepreneur called Sudharshan from MICA, one of the founders of TING. (Pity I cant find any linkbacks to them) Anyway, I got a few minutes with her and asked a few questions (when she was busy signing my copy of her latest book 😀 yay!)…you know how these authors are.. They get ideas when people tell em ridiculous stuff,and they base their next book on that & even dedicate it to you.So, Yeah. that’s what I did. 😀 And I’m not embarrassed one bit 😛

240720101219 That was one eventful day. Infact, most of my days here @ Business School are like that..and I have a feeling, the best is yet to come 🙂 .Week before last, one of my seniors told me about this NEN (National Entrepreneurs Network) meet that was happening in Chennai & I gotta go there & meet people of my age or younger.. and my oh my! Are they amazing or what?! One would turn a wannabe, just by looking at their enthusiasm and near-religious zeal for entrepreneurial activities!

Anyway, I could go on and on about this..but I think I’ll stop here & get back to that Organisational Dynamics Case Study (open on the background), I so dont feel like reading & that issue of Economic Times lying on my bed ( my bedtime story book,these days)

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people wont so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t – A student in Warren G. Tracy’s class

And Remember, Forrest Gump’s Mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.’

To our success in life,



P.S:  There are loads of resources like this on the WWW that should maybe read someday.

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Memoirs of Those lovely days



searching down memory lane! This one’s strictly a personal post lying in my drafts for sometime now! Few months back, I attended a free self-analysis workshop(some boring stuff), arranged by one of the local NGOs.Every attendee was questioned about, their unforgettable moment in their life so far. Please note that all of us were barely in our mid 20s… Nobody has achieved any thing great, other than being the coolies of the silicon valley of india, serving Fortune 500 biggies and some of us with a job offer,but no call so far!

Ok let me not deviate…for the most unforgettable moment…few samples for you:

The moment I got my job in campus interview….. (fair enough !!)
When I came first in school in +2 ( ekka andipatti la neenga first vantha enna last vantha enna… 😛 )
When my parents got married…( :O Beats me )

I thought for a while…(Thought bubbles:Mebbe..The Day when my lil bro’s leg got trodden over by a bus & I was flitting around my parents asking whether I can donate blood,skin… (or) That awesome summer camp I went to once.. Kinda like the Camp ROck stuff,with all the singing & dancing \m/ Well atleast that’s a good memory) I could not come up with a single specific day that is unforgettable. I told the audience that my 4-years of college life are unforgettable in my life 😀 . In fact it’s true with most of us and you would agree on this with me.

On an ironic note, I was unfortunate to finish my engineering in the stipulated 4 years…there are much more fortunate souls, who enjoyed full 6 years with all the privileges of a college student.

So when somebody utters the word college, what comes to your mind ??

lemme list down my personal favorites …the list is exhaustive! FYI,I graduated from a not-so-typical** #1 govt-affiliated college from south tamilnadu

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Project Thesis – The stark reality/naked truth!


I have been meaning to write something about this for a longgggggg time… But hadn’t the time or insolence to do that..Well the time for publishing this draft has finally come.. I know.. many of those who have finished college may get  nostalgic..The others still stuck here would nod in agreement..while the rest of the ill-fated ones (having more than a year to get outta here) may wonder if this is what this is supposed to be ..Not to mention the faculty who might as well thrash me,lest they read this 😛 Disclaimer : The views expressed are incidents from the author’s acquaintances’ real life incidents,though it may or not be from the same insti as the author’s from.

And ps: dont forget to download the pdf @ the end!

The illustrations are reproduced from Phdcomics – My source of enjoyment , in boring lab hours ! Not heeding the warning tag in the archive section,I have read most of it 😛 and it was good fun!


Presenting the Stark reality : behind-the-scenes of every Project Thesis … *drum roll*

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Young Soprano – Unleashed !

Sing_Like_Prorainjet  Ahemm..Ahem…I’m a singer (officially).Gracy,the young soprano made her debut on March 27th! All thanks to Fiesta,Literary and Fine Arts Association of Mepco schlenk engg College which allows lame wannabe singers a stage for showcasing students’ talents 😛 ! I had no intention of sweeping this embarrassment on myself,But still.. If don’t do it now,then when can I ?? So thought of giving it a try 😛 Bad Idea (should have known better then)The last minute eureka bulb that glowered on me had its toll on the audience – they had to listen to a shaky voice for approximately 2 minutes(not my normal soprano one) 😀 My only solace is in the fact of not being chucked off the dais! A pat on the back for the courageous me for not chickening out… cos then,I’d have graduated outta college without having revealed the peppy singer in me :)Enough of shameless self promotion,let me end this post with a gud link to a tutorial..on How to Sing .

If you’ve ever seen the audition phase of American Idol(Star Vijay’s Super Singer/Indian Idol/any of those numerous Tv singing shows), you’ll know that there are a lot of people out there who think they can sing(ones like me perhaps :P) . You probably also noticed that most of them actually can’t. But although some people seem blessed with the gift of a beautiful singing voice, anyone can learn to sing with a little practice.After hours of singing in the bathroom shower,I’ve now finally graduated to singing in public.Bad begining – Now thats a good omen 🙂 I couldn’t be happier..All this fuss for a piece of singing – Don’t curse 😛 I am gonna upload my singing masterpiece online,for those of you who missed the grand show of the singing sensation ! I know you can’t wait ,gimme a week for uploading 😛 . Ciao.

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A normal weekend after ages !!

Dear reader,

It has been ages since I blogged. I actually cannot point out a specific reason for my absence though I am quite certain that my glorious unpresence would hardly affect anyone/anything. 😛 Its been a long while since i’ve clicked on my blog URL,except for those occasional comment check times..Where was I ??Mostly on twitter and a few other forums and wasting my time @ college. Guess what ..For once in my 4 years of grad student life, I was a lil busy: stuck with that dire engineering formality called project work! Even tho’ most parts of it(A web mining framework for evolving user profiles in dynamic websites) are woking and even tho’ we got the site put up a week ago..No thanks to our lab admin (& to those lazy bum batchmates,who shud know more about mirroring important data)our project PC was formatted,leaving us blinking,unable to digest the fact that it was all gone.well….we had to start from version 1.5 Build 6 😛 and proceed from Goodness knowswhere that was..and luckily restored the work 🙂 Phewwww…!Yipee…Well thats just one reason.Loads of other things have happened.But wait..I’m not gonna bore you with those paltry happenings.Life these days is going _____ (I’m short of words to describe the boringness / monotony of life ****!!) You would never beleive that my movie time has now decreased to a big round ZER0 😦 Can’t believe that I’m still alive :PNo long holidays that i can spend @ home… Even the goverment holidays are stuffed with boring college :-/ Pretty much its a humdrum existence!!

(I love these Phd comic strips,that i’m subscribing to them..pretty cool)

Final Year classes ought to be cancelled – there’s absolutely no point (NONE at all) in sitting in those dull classes except for attendance’s sake… (Take a closer look,you see why)

The only use of those classes so far has been catching up on those mp3s i hadn’t listened to for a long time,reading those classics,those lame magazines,Filling up slam books,sleeping,doodling,making abstract and face sketches..Just about everything that’d kill time.Final semester has been a time for everything but study – Happy to say ‘ve mastered various arts – sketches,poetry,caricature,calligraphy and the like.
I can see that my sense of logic and proportion have started to have a eccentric turn ,which explains this irrational post and irrelevance of content.But trust me. I still have some degree of sanity left within me.
P.S: I am stopping here as the cursor has winked at me for the past 10minutes; mocking my inability to give a coherent shape to my frenzied thoughts. I will continue expounding on the crap-and-boredom which has pervaded my life,a little later. For now,let me think…….Disgruntled-ly yours,

P.S: What do u think of the new header and tagline 🙂

Post ur comments, and do update me in your blogroll. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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My Calculator and I

This is something I penned down right after a certain exam I dreaded,got over(in mid December)..I didn’t wanna publish it then,but now that I have heaved sighs of relief,I thought – why not?? and here goes :

As many of you know by now.. or even if you don’t : The subject I dreaded the whole of the engineering process was Digital Signal Processing a.k.a Degree Stopping Paper 😦 I took the exam today @ 9… My preparations were done really good (relative to the meager preparations I had for the internal exams ) It so happens that I always enter the exam hall exactly after the last bell sounds(meaning I do not waste a drop of the last minute time).. and so, as always entered in a hurried manner took the answer sheet and filled the details.. Kept praying  to God that the question paper should be easy.. Having an unpredictable pattern of question paper rules,(Why do they ask problems in theory papers and theory and derivations in Problematic ones,making it all the more knottier !!!)I was only hoping that there’d be some easy sums to solve.. Turned out it was a hybrid of both..paper was set such that you knew only one of the subdivisions under each option(meaning either way you lost half the marks) I did some major blunders (maybe) choosing the theory questions and somehow arriving at a speculation of the answer ! And in the problem section I don’t know if what I did was right..(All the summations and Z transforms and filter design coefficients,choosing the right limits :X ) I know I have done a few mistakes.. Just kept pushing my calculator buttons the 3 hours time, trying hard!

Today morning I prayed and read the Bible . Psalm 46 : “God is our refuge and strength ,a very present help in time of need ….. The Lord Almighty is with us;the God of Jacob is our refuge” It was so solacing to read it and take that promise as mine !

When out of the exam hall, some of my peers had done as bad as me (as they said, but you just can’t assess that ) and few others heaved huge sighs of relief ! I have learnt a huge lesson…I did a Why-Why assessment and learnt my lesson- The reason that this was the exam I “FEARED” the most was this : I flunked all the 3 class tests.. I have written the maximum number of DSP tests (including the 3 re-tests) and still the subject fumbles me!!!!! The reason I bombed all tests was my not heeding the professor’s advice and taking down the notes.and why did I not wanna take notes?? Just my “I am in final year .. I ‘ve got a job…I can do things at last minute and get away with it…”attitude ! Never let your “last minute breezing things” ability get to your head I’m sorry I ‘ve let myself down! I’ll try to be a better person in my forth coming student years.I am not gonna publish this post right now.If I clear the paper I will !

God, Pllleeeeeeeaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me !

On a merrier note, My total aggregate is the lowest I’ve got so far..Who cares??!!! I have cleared DSP(with an awesome 75%) Hallelujah !! 🙂 and  now I can scorn at that freako of a prof ,who looked down on me !!

P.S : The underlined portions… I can’t believe I wrote them :O , No..seriously !