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Is Google Chrome worth it???

Why did Google create their own browser?
Many people are asking why Google released this Chrome browser, I mean aren’t they supposed to be supporting FireFox? Apparently Matt Cutts explains that the big G is trying to make the internet a better place for web surfers who will in turn do more web searches, which we all know will likely create more mindshare for Google.

Google has kept quiet with the release of Google Chrome up until a few days before it’s release. Direct competitors like Firefox 3 used social networks to set a Guinness World Record for the largest number of software downloads (8,002,530) in 24 hours, but was Chrome’s relatively silent roll-out successful?
Anyhow here’s my take on Chrome….
Reasons why I think Chrome is great:
Fast Browsing Speeds
Easy Transition
Slick Design
CPU & Memory usage

Why Chrome is not so great… yet:
Not many extensions
No cross OS versions
Security Vulnerabilities

I ‘ve been having hang-ups with the browser which made me chafe @ it.Not to mention the crash-sugar on top :/ ( Whoa Google Chrome has crashed.Restart now?? Ok Cancel – They definitely have a way of saying that 🙂 )

From what I understand, Chrome is an open source project. So you can study, compile, add features, distribute or even eat-it-for-breakfast if you so desire – my point being that I doubt Google is sending data to their servers to capture user behavior or you’d probably see a backlash from the tech crowd, which would not be good for Google.
Overall, I think Google Chrome is a superb browser and I’m anxious to see what new applications, and add-ons will be released. Sadly, not enough extensions limit the browser’s appeal, not to mention that Chrome is yet another browser thrown into the mix when developing websites (sigh).