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Bumpadum Fitted Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway


One mini human is ready to take on the Chennai summer,  flashing his airy, breathable  Bumpadum fitted dipe OTB. Many thanks, Bumpadum for sending us this for review. For those of you who don’t know my MCD spending patterns, I must mention that, this is THE brand that has a big share of my wallet section for cloth diapers. Such is the awesomeness of this Indian company that manufactures a wide range of products that are all eco-friendly options for the cloth diapering folks —  from wipes to wetbags to different types of CDs. Not to forget, the prints are really unique and very cute. Check out my  ‘London’ fitted from their ‘Around the world’ series. ❤

Fitted diapers, commonly referred to as Fitteds, are brilliant cloth diapers (CDs) which combine ease of use and flexibility. They closely resemble the size and shape of disposable diapers. Though, with the variety of super absorbent and breathable fabrics to choose from these are hands-down one of the best cloth diapering options available to suit your little one’s individual needs. They are considered a breathable option especially suited for babies with sensitive skin and are prone to rashes. Although Fitted Diapers are not waterproof and do require the use of a diaper cover, herein lies one of their advantages! You decide: wool, fleece, or PUL covers; some parents even opt to go coverless (usually when indoors or when trying to clear up a diaper rash).

Packaging: I like that they have a zero plastic packaging. The dipe comes packed in a lovely velour cloth that can be used as a baby wipe.

Bumpadum’s fitteds look similar to the duet range they have recently release, but the only difference is that the outer shell is non-laminated making it breathable. That also means the shell isn’t waterproof and has to be used with a cover on top when used for longer periods such as night time.

Shell: Oh so soft microfleece. It has 2 snaps to put in the insert of your choice.

The insert: The signature ‘buttery soft’ tongue like insert if you have chosen the night time insert, else the 2 part one, if you bought the day time one. These are lined with micro fleece on the side that touches baby’s bottom to provide stay dry effect. Both the inserts have two layers of hemp fleece and two layers of cotton terry, providing 8 layers of absorbency together. The inserts need 8-9 washes to be fully prepped.


Because I couldn’t wait to try it on the little, this went OTB after 2 washes, and it functioned really well because for someone in a heavy wetter category, it held up for almost 5 hours. 😮 I can not imagine how long this will hold when it is fully prepped.

We also tested once for night time so far and it is working brilliantly. My LO sleeps about 9-10 hours straight and this worked well. There was only a slight dampness in the early morn. i used without the cover – maybe I will use a cover for night time.

This has been tested on my 19 month old son who is a heavy heavy wetter.

Final Say:

  • Most absorbent and leak-proof diapering option
  • Excellent solution for a heavy-wetter (particularly when combined with a wool cover)
  • Extremely Trim
  • The extra snaps in the front, allow it to be used for newborns as well, I would say.

Overall, a must have CD for a summer stash.

To enter the giveaway:

  • Follow  the hosts on Instagram
  • Leave a comment tagging your friends. One tag per comment. Multiple entries allowed.
  • Repost the giveaway post for additional entry, tagging both hosts.


  • This giveaway is open for anyone with an Indian shipping address.
  • Ends on April 29th, 11:00 PM. Winner will receive a Bumpadum fitted of their choice. Now isn’t that a cool deal?

Happy Earth Day, fellas!

Hope you do your bit for the environment. My baby’s done his. 🙂


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D is for …


Well, not the regular kind.. you know, the ones who check on your health. We are talking baby brands and these are the 3 doctors who have my vote:

Dr. Browns : Cannot imagine life without it. The most used product in the little one’s life so far… It helped my colicky baby get his milk. I was an EP-er, iykwtm.


Dr. Seuss: Children’s books that adults can enjoy too. Deep stuff. Here are a few of my favorite ones. ‘ Oh the places you’ll go’ tops my list.


We do like a lot of other children’s books as well. Highlighting this because I think Dr.Seuss is awesome. My son isn’t too into all of the Dr.Seuss books yet, but knowing him, I’m sure the day is coming.

Dr. Morepen: A digital thermometer is an absolute necessity in any household, more so in one with a tiny baby. Highly recommend this.


Apart from these doctors the pediatricians are awesome too.


Image courtesy: Google search images.

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A is for…

A is for Anmol, my very first baby wearing companion: I got these around the time they released their basic Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) – the most affordable one in the babywearing market, then. All I wanted was the baby carrier functionality for short walks around the apartment and so without any further research, I’d gotten this. It did take a while for the baby to get used to wearing — but once we crossed that phase, it was fun and liberating since I had my hands free to do other stuff like carrying groceries or essentials. An Anmol walk was part of our everyday affair and my time to bond with the baby and get some exercise in. Felt good. At one point of time, the baby would simply bask in the glory of the great outdoors and not utter a word and simply observe everything that was happening around him.

Special shout-out to an all supportive spouse, who loved it too:



Fast forward 3 months, I got hooked to babywearing (ring slings for the indoor carries) and got an Anmol Roshini in a Diwali contest and it was then I realized the true awesomeness of a Full Wrap Converted SSC – so light, airy and oh so comfy! Overall, Anmol SSC have good shoulder padding and are very comfortable to wear, even for a newbie. The hood is nicely done and has no extra ends hanging – I love the design compared to other SSCs in the market. The hood supports the baby’s neck when tucked in. It’s got a side pocket that can fit your keys or phone. A design win!

You are welcome to come try it if you are in Chennai. There are many babywearing meetups that happen all over india. For more info, do join Babywearing India, a FB support group, that is extremely helpful.


The benefits of babywearing are enormous. I’d urge every parent to try this, for soon will come the day when your baby will refuse to be worn and carried. There are various options even DIY ones – Do your research and pick what suits your need the most.

A is also for Amazon : This was my first place to get everything. With a Prime subscription, the speed and customer service is just delightful, that I don’t really check on their competitors before buying from there. Best for buying NB baby stuff like diapers, wipes, etc at the cheapest rates. With global trader opened up, I wouldn’t mind paying import fees to get the better brands from overseas too.

A is for Aliexpress: For all the quirky stuff, organizers and other baby stuff that are overpriced, here in India. If you plan well ahead, then you should totally buy from here. I wish I’d bought the many many nursery decor stuff from here, before baby AZ arrived. There are tons of pretty options there when you search for ‘kids’ , ‘nursery’ etc.,. To date, I have bought a couple of toys, organizers etc from there. Total value for money.

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A to Z Blogging Challenge: Baby Brands & Stuff Every FTM Can Benefit From


I have been thinking of doing an A-Z of all the baby brands I love and I didn’t realize there was an April challenge already for this. Thanks MommyingBabyT for posting about it. If you are wondering, if I’d have enough to write from about the 26 letters, trust me it isn’t hard at all, given the plethora of brands out there.I’m bound to write about more than one item for each alphabet.

SO this is what I intend to do:

💬 Talk about the ‘Nice-to-Haves’ / ‘Essentials’ for parents, because seriously all the baby needs is just you. But YOU, ma’m / sire, will need a lot of support in raising your little human and many of these brands and things I post on my A-Z can help you in this parenting journey. There will be tiny focus on India based brands and a lot more focus on SMB, because the thrifty me likes shopping at SMBs. 😉

Coincidentally, my son’s initials are AZ , so I MUST DO THIS! ❤


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Purple Bee: The purple cow of activity boxes?

I don’t know if the name was inspired from Seth Godin’s ‘Purple Cow‘ but you had me there. 🙂

Purple Bee makes activity kits for children of parents, who don’t really have a lot of time or energy to put together structured learning opportunities for their kids. I’m a huge believer in the effects of unstructured play and in how boredom is awesome for the little ones because letting kids explore things on their own is perfect. I’m also an equal believer in structured learning and a healthy balance between the two. Which is better – fruits or veggies?  Structured play or unstructured? A healthy balance of the two.

Full Disclosure: This is not a paid review. I was lucky to win The Sound of Music kit in one of their giveaways. Winning giveaways is such an awesome thing, I know, and is sweeter when its about products you are so much into. Unrelated note: The Sound of Music was the earliest movie I remember watching at home with my parents (for someone who never watches movies with parents). I LOVE and probably have watched it a million times and hummed ‘Favorite things’ every time I opened a brown paper wrapped package or heard thunder or see raindrops on roses…  like a zillion times. As a matter of fact, I’m listening to it right now. I wonder if my LO’s generation would like such movies – my guess is – No. let’s see. I digress.

Back to my purple bee kit and the activities it contained. The set of 6 activities came in a sturdy, colorful box. Each activity was contained in a separate folder with instructions.



Tambourine craft: Kids paint, stick glitter stickers and make a colorful tambourine craft. A well thought of kit, this one is – complete with glue and paint and brush.<3


I SPY board game: The game comes with 50 instrument cards and a board. AZ had much fun identifying the little instruments he knew.

Clapping clown puppet: The kids make a clapping clown paper puppet


Music fun doodle: Color a Music themed doodle that can be sent as postcard.


Story cards: Set of 25 laminated Music themed story cards. Kids pick up cards and come up their own stories based on the picture on the cards or parents can narrate stories to their kids. Improves creativity, vocabulary and communication.


Worksheets: A set of 20 worksheets to help you quickly engage your kids. Sheets are based on music theme and focuses on various skills like math, language, motor skills.

So far, we have used the I spy game board, the story cards and clapping puppet. As AZ is not 2 yet, the kit has been used quite minimally – but I’m pretty sure we’ll be reaching out to book more of these themed boxes when he is bigger and can have the max utilization out of these. The box says it is appropriate for ages 3-7, but I think it’s could be suitable for a little earlier than that as well. Be led by your child 🙂 I will update this blog again, when we re do some of the activities.


  1. Easy to put together an activity for time constrained parents – I could have an activity started in no time at all, since it’s all organised so well.
  2. The common thread that connects all the activities lends itself to deep diving into topics that interest the child – in this case ‘music’.
  3. The ability to reuse the given activities in different ways –  For eg.,. using the flash cards to play a memory game and such.
  4. Easy on the pocket. It is priced at 990 rupees. You can get it for lower if you take a subscription.


If you are looking for a support group for early learning and parenting, join Early years – A parenting lounge, a group run by the Purple Bee folks which shares very helpful tips and introduces you to a whole world of things like konamari et al.

Kids learn different things from structured and unstructured play. Make sure they have lots of opportunities to do both! For the former, you know where to go. 🙂


DIY Birthday Chalkboard Poster Using MS PowerPoint

Yep, you read that right. Totally doable. All in under 45 minutes if you have the info and everything ready at hand and a napping baby.

Chalkboard AZ
We had a Nautical themed celebration.

You will need:

1.MS powerpoint
2.Background image
3.Fonts & dingbat
Use any high res chalkboard background. I used this one.

Powerup your PowerPoint.change the slide size. Start with 16″ x 20″ portrait to give you a nice sized poster. Go to the Design tab and choose format background. Insert your chalkboard image. If the chalkboard looks too perfect, you can rough it up a bit by changing the transparency, adding an artistic effect, or change its Brightness Preset. Experiment, you can really change it to your own personal taste.

Paste the image on the slide

Now, begin inserting text boxes. Use the boxes to add your fonts and dingbats. This is the time to go overboard and fill it with all kinds of silly objects. Just remember to leave a generous border of background around the outer edge.


Here’s a list of fonts I used:…/fontsforpeas/pea-ellie-bellie/



Pro Tip: Use a deck with all the dingbats to copy from and it will be easier.

Final Step:  Save it as a pic(.png works best) and give it to a printer and print. You can frame it after that if you like.

PS: Here’s a pic of my chalkboard with all those elements 😀

Believe me – It only looks scary. Such a breeze. Let me know if you tried this for your LO’ party! Do share pics in comments 🙂


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Charlie Banana #FTW – A pool lover’s review

If you know me or follow my Instagram posts, you’d know by now that we almost exclusively cloth diaper Baby AZ and how much I love modern day cloth diapers and can’t get enough of it!  Yep, cloth diapering is addictive and is a really great way to save on baby diapering costs, save the environment and much more [More on that some other day]. It is, therefore, a no-brainer that I was super thrilled to receive a Charlie Banana swim diaper for review from

Look how cute the packaging is…almost as if they were thinking ” D’oh! A baby’s bottom is exactly where it should be. So we should put it there – paper or for real” I digress.

According to me the nicest thing about this diaper is that it can be used as a swim diaper AND training pants when you’re potty training the baby. Talk about value for money!


  • Let me start with the fit – it’s PERFECT.  Just follow the weight guide on Charlie Banana’s website and order the corresponding size. I have a 11 kg baby and size L was, like Goldilocks would say, JUST RIGHT.
  • Really soft organic cotton and elastics that don’t leave marks – what’s not to love there.
  • A drawstring that helps secure the diaper so it is leak-proof in case of poopxplosions. I’m grateful that there has been none of this poop business in the pool so far. *hitting wood hard*
  • Really cute, stunning  prints – Not just mine, but the entire range is so pwetty! Head turner for sure! ❤
  • The dual purpose – Unlike my other swim diapers (which don’t have an insert, and therefore will definitely not absorb as well) this one can be used for both potty training and as swim diapers. Good investment hence.


  • Owing to the insert being there, there would be a bit of diaper heaviness, but it dint hamper movement in any way. IMHO the insert being there is a good thing and meant I didn’t have to worry much that the poopxplosions may fall out. I had hope it would absorb enough, until I could quickly pull him out of the pool. Not much of a ‘con’ bullet, no? I know – It’s really a well thought of diaper design!


Can you see how trim it is after being in water for quite long?

It’s called the EXTRAORDINARY swim diaper for a reason, yo! Here’s a whole bunch of action shots of the diaper and a 18 month old enjoying his summer pool time. Let me know your comments, questions etc.,. I look forward to them. 🙂

Here’s where you can buy them, if you are in India:

ChicBum – Charlie Banana 

Care Instructions

Facebook page

If you’re elsewhere, there are so many retailers worldwide; visit Charlie Banana’s store locator

💙⚓️💙⚓️💙⚓️💙 SUMMER IS COMING! Well this is what excites us most about summer time – long pool time and beach time, summery food like nongu, tender coconuts, melons and icecreams without guilt. 🌞🏊🏄🎣🍉🍇🍍🍦🍨🍧 The morning swim, also one of AZ’s first structured #swimlesson (if I can say so myself;)) was really fun with this apartment buddy who was great company! Appa gave instructions well and AZ had fun testing the waters and moving his limbs in action. Good start, I guess! 🏊 #OTB : @CharlieBanana #swimdiaper from @ChicBum . This deserves a mention as it helped a not yet potty-trained little to ride the waves.😄 trim and absorbent, And truly a Sight to behold- a head-turner print. Had people walking up to say ‘that is one cute swimwear’. I agree 💙🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊⚓️💙💙

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