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F is for…


Love ALL the fisherprice stuff that we own – the toys, the rocker etc.,. I find the plastic toys to be of the highest quality and we absolutely love it for that. It endures time and the test of a baby’s torture 😛 We particularly love the connect set, the shape sorter and the MEGABLOCKS. The megablocks is an essential part of a kid’s toy box, I think. It’s great for open ended play and endless fun.

More than these toys I am a big fan of these guys because of their “magic” rocker which helped put AZ to sleep in a jiffy, during the first 10 months of his life. One of the legs broke in between and Mattel had graciously replaced it. But when the other broke, a few months later – it was out of warranty and so could n’t be replaced 😦 sob sob. So we never got that replaced, but I do highly recommend this rocker, nevertheless.

PS: you’ll feel helpless for the first week , if this rocker breaks (God forbid)


Frangipani kids:

The nightwear is an absolute pleasure, to wear with such funky prints and a material that is so soft – thin cotton – It is a must have for the kids in India – It keeps the baby warm and cool at the same time. #TropicalWin.



Does anyone not know about them? Their kid activity boxes are super awesome and we love the 2-3 house explorer box that AZ has. Sure keeps him engaged and gives me the satisfaction of offering him structured learning opportunities.


A to Z challenge

E is for…

These wonderful aids related to eating and early development:

EZPZ mats: After following a few support groups about baby led weaning* I decided I needed this to keep the food from being thrown around and went ahead and purchased it from their site. It did help quite a bit in with keeping the food in place, but a whole LOT more in helping us apportion meal sizes. Often times a parent tends to fret that their child isn’t eating enough – For me, it helped me come to terms with the fact that the amount of food plated in the ezpz was enough for a toddler that had the stomach a tiny size.


A year after our BLW journey began, we got round to eating out of stainless steel plates (the mini ones) and those have been helping us too. The EZPZ ompany has suction bowls and bigger mats. Check them out – I heart these! They totally encourage independent eating.

Bonus: These are great travel placemats for those restaurant dinners, especially the ones where you don’t trust the hygiene of the highchair tray.

*So there are 2 common weaning practices  – Traditional weaning & Baby-led weaning. And then there are the hybrids – self feeding babes that are also fed at times. Remember to wait until the 6 month mark before beginning any of these. And always remember that the child should be able to sit and MUST be in a sitting position when having their meals.

E is also for Early learning & positive parenting philosophy.

Down below are great places to gather a lot of knowledge on positive parenting principles and how to engage and empower your kids. JOIN. 🙂

Early Learning and Positive Parenting India for Preschoolers and Toddlers
Play, Learn & Explore with Tot Labs by Mumma Diaries.
Gentle Parenting India


PS: No one of these posts are sponsored by any brands. I’m only writing to help the  first time parents gain access to all of these wonderful products and forums out there!

If you have a special brand/ product that you recommend, give them a shout-out in the comments.


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D is for …


Well, not the regular kind.. you know, the ones who check on your health. We are talking baby brands and these are the 3 doctors who have my vote:

Dr. Browns : Cannot imagine life without it. The most used product in the little one’s life so far… It helped my colicky baby get his milk. I was an EP-er, iykwtm.


Dr. Seuss: Children’s books that adults can enjoy too. Deep stuff. Here are a few of my favorite ones. ‘ Oh the places you’ll go’ tops my list.


We do like a lot of other children’s books as well. Highlighting this because I think Dr.Seuss is awesome. My son isn’t too into all of the Dr.Seuss books yet, but knowing him, I’m sure the day is coming.

Dr. Morepen: A digital thermometer is an absolute necessity in any household, more so in one with a tiny baby. Highly recommend this.


Apart from these doctors the pediatricians are awesome too.


Image courtesy: Google search images.

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C is for…

Cloth Diapering for Mummies & Daddies! Who likes to be labelled a dummy anyway… 😛

Throwback to one of the earliest pics from our CD-ing journey.

I’ve been a cloth diapering parent even before I learnt about modern cloth diapers – I guess most of us Indian parents are, thanks to the langots culture and the ‘PAMPERS or HUGGIES’ taboo, especially for newborn stage. It is all great – but I really wish I’d known about the various options that were available, ahead of time, so I didn’t have to sacrifice convenience or comfort (read: better sleep for the two of us.) If only someone had told me I could cloth diaper without having to have a water absorbent sheet underneath all the time, [these rubbery / fluffy sheets are a pain and keep the baby warmer than I’d like, so yeah, not a big fan of those] I’d have been over the moon.

Fast forward to 40 days later I was signed up on a facebook group by a lovely friend,  who was as much a noob as I was and we were quite determined to make this work for us. Modern cloth diapers are as easy to use as disposable diapers, offers the same dry feeling to the baby, are leak-proof but with no rash causing chemicals. I signed up for a starter pack from Tushions.in – this came with one of each kind. I liked pockets better and bought more of those from a ton of vendors** in India and a couple from Aliexpress. At that point we were using CDs throughout the day and needed a night time solution. There were various options available in the market – since each baby is different, and for different age groups and pee patterns, different diapers work well. For us, bumpadum was a clear winner. Superbottoms, Happyflute AIO were other options that worked well too.

There’s a ton of info on Cloth Diapering India community – so much info, that you may get overwhelmed. Remember, just take the plunge. Here are some off-the-top of my mind tips:

  • Invest in a couple of good quality diapers.
  • Invest also in a good number of diapers since you get more to use in rotation and hence lesser wear. Not to mention, lesser stress during winters waiting for the drying line to get dry quick. (unless ofcourse, you have a dryer)
  • For newborn diapering, get a couple of prefolds and snappis / boingos – these work better than any nappy pins, which I think are a hazard.
  • Have a good wash routine. CDs cannot handle detergent bars, fabric softeners etc.,. You need to invest in washing powders without fragrances and softeners. I use Tide original which is easily available. I’ve used Rustic art too – this one’s great and if you are part of the Bumpadum circle you get a discount code for 10% off. *thrifty* 😀


** Some of the vendors/brands I have bought from and recommend:




Beetle diapers


Happy flute




CDS – Marvy

Training Pants from Kiddos & Aliexpress


This is probably 25% of my CD stash – all Bumpadum AIOs in this shot, cos I don’t have the time and energy to put together a great shot of the stash at this point. Will update laters 🙂



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B is for…

I am back again with my A to Z challenge, penning down best finds / brands (parenting support) I love.

B is for Bella Terra, Big Basket, Bril India, BSIM & BLW groups.

Bella Terra: I consider this one of my super finds – Cotton Fabric stuffed toys handcrafted to perfection and at really great prices! My personal favorite is the babywearing bears. So unique! The elephant doll at 200 odd bucks is such a sweet deal. All the soft toys from here are babysafe, eco-friendly, sustainable and come with the option to choose 100% natural stuffing.


Bigbasket: A boon for all the tired parents. While some say that grocery shopping is like a fun trip for them, most of the parent folks that are raising a child without much support from outside, can seek modern technology’s help to make our lives simpler. E-commerce FTW. And big basket , more so, because with their sleek app, I could order groceries in the middle of the night from the comfort of my bed and have them delivered when I wake up. I consider this good use of wake up time, thanks to a baby that kept having a sleep regression every once in a while during his first year.

BSIM: A group that is primarily for mothers and expectant mothers. They also include their support system (irrespective of gender). If you are expecting or have a tiny human, JOIN. If you know a friend who falls under the aforementioned category, DO urge them to join. I really wish someone had added me earlier. I’d have been better informed and at peace with myself, knowing the baby better and saving on trips to the hospital, that was 25 kms away. Can’t stress this enough…JOIN. It helps set expectations right, about life after a baby. Trust me on this one. 🙂

Bril India: They make kickass balance bikes, the one that is highly recommended for kids starting to learn riding a cycle. Balance bikes are a fairly new concept in India, and this is the only Indian industrial manufacturer I think there is. The bikes are awesome!

Fixing the wheels. We have a fix-it-upper

BLW: A way of life, to teach kids as young as 6 months old (which, btw, is the appropriate age to include solid food) to feed themselves. And did I say, only practice helps here and helping them understand and develop a great relationship with food by letting them explore textures and taste. There are a few basics you need to know – the right size and cuts of food (Did you know, a grape is a choking hazard and should always be halved before offered?) and other things, which will help you in your journey.


What are your favorite ‘B’ brands / parenting tools?

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A is for…

A is for Anmol, my very first baby wearing companion: I got these around the time they released their basic Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) – the most affordable one in the babywearing market, then. All I wanted was the baby carrier functionality for short walks around the apartment and so without any further research, I’d gotten this. It did take a while for the baby to get used to wearing — but once we crossed that phase, it was fun and liberating since I had my hands free to do other stuff like carrying groceries or essentials. An Anmol walk was part of our everyday affair and my time to bond with the baby and get some exercise in. Felt good. At one point of time, the baby would simply bask in the glory of the great outdoors and not utter a word and simply observe everything that was happening around him.

Special shout-out to an all supportive spouse, who loved it too:



Fast forward 3 months, I got hooked to babywearing (ring slings for the indoor carries) and got an Anmol Roshini in a Diwali contest and it was then I realized the true awesomeness of a Full Wrap Converted SSC – so light, airy and oh so comfy! Overall, Anmol SSC have good shoulder padding and are very comfortable to wear, even for a newbie. The hood is nicely done and has no extra ends hanging – I love the design compared to other SSCs in the market. The hood supports the baby’s neck when tucked in. It’s got a side pocket that can fit your keys or phone. A design win!

You are welcome to come try it if you are in Chennai. There are many babywearing meetups that happen all over india. For more info, do join Babywearing India, a FB support group, that is extremely helpful.


The benefits of babywearing are enormous. I’d urge every parent to try this, for soon will come the day when your baby will refuse to be worn and carried. There are various options even DIY ones – Do your research and pick what suits your need the most.

A is also for Amazon : This was my first place to get everything. With a Prime subscription, the speed and customer service is just delightful, that I don’t really check on their competitors before buying from there. Best for buying NB baby stuff like diapers, wipes, etc at the cheapest rates. With global trader opened up, I wouldn’t mind paying import fees to get the better brands from overseas too.

A is for Aliexpress: For all the quirky stuff, organizers and other baby stuff that are overpriced, here in India. If you plan well ahead, then you should totally buy from here. I wish I’d bought the many many nursery decor stuff from here, before baby AZ arrived. There are tons of pretty options there when you search for ‘kids’ , ‘nursery’ etc.,. To date, I have bought a couple of toys, organizers etc from there. Total value for money.

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A to Z Blogging Challenge: Baby Brands & Stuff Every FTM Can Benefit From


I have been thinking of doing an A-Z of all the baby brands I love and I didn’t realize there was an April challenge already for this. Thanks MommyingBabyT for posting about it. If you are wondering, if I’d have enough to write from about the 26 letters, trust me it isn’t hard at all, given the plethora of brands out there.I’m bound to write about more than one item for each alphabet.

SO this is what I intend to do:

💬 Talk about the ‘Nice-to-Haves’ / ‘Essentials’ for parents, because seriously all the baby needs is just you. But YOU, ma’m / sire, will need a lot of support in raising your little human and many of these brands and things I post on my A-Z can help you in this parenting journey. There will be tiny focus on India based brands and a lot more focus on SMB, because the thrifty me likes shopping at SMBs. 😉

Coincidentally, my son’s initials are AZ , so I MUST DO THIS! ❤