Who Am I?


All About Me

I am a flower quickly fading,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean,
A vapor in the wind… ♫ ♬♫ ♬



Well that and a lot more! 😀


Hey there, Welcome to ‘Coupe de grace’ v2.0 : the newer version of my blog and the old self, whose <blah blah> rambling is gonna take a cut, henceforth.

This blog is home to few of my many thoughts and several million observations. While there’s no way one can get to a person via his/her “about me” page, here’s a little something that could help one in doing so: A few tags bestowed on me by people who know me best (that includes g33f)


Ad junkie
Anime/Manga lover
Aspiring Writer
Blues Aficionado
Comic Buff
Church Pianist (in the past)
Ex-IT Professional
Guitar Fan
Music & Movie lover
Sitcom Freak \o/
Social NotWorking.
Tech enthusiast
Yem Bee Yay Bar

& As you can see, Likes order in da house. ;D



As I’m running short of ideas to make this page,at least as interesting as the Google home I think I’m gonna stick with the idea of a ’Random Gracy fact page’.

Before I forget this attribute of mine,Let me type it down: I am one of those very absent-minded,abstracted,forgetful persons that walk on the face of the earth.This ,however has more cons than pros.For eg,I can NEVER remember the root cause of a fight that I’ve had or the amount of verbal abuse that was thrown in on me.Can never keep up with deadline for the sole reason of forgetting em.Well I think you get the point


I love my name.(I’m narcissistic that way)

I absolutely LOVE mother Nature – those long walks on foggy mornings,the awesome mountains,hills,lakes,the breathtaking greenery :I loose myself in these things :O and can only stand in awestruck wonder of God’s creation ! (really) All this rarely happens, given that I’m no morning person.

I always have a song that’s beating in my mind – A total music addict.Its my medicine when I am down,my inspiration to get me started,at times..Inshort : Music is my life.I love all forms of music. I even sing for me and my pc microphone to hear.

I loveee to travel & I envy those who travel regularly – funny how they don’t appreciate it .

Photography is a passion.

Withered trees, dilapidated buildings, ancient ruins – *swoon* What beauties! I can gape for hours.

A big fan of J.K.Rowling & J.D.Salingher. You can check out my favorite reads on this bookshelf.

As a child,I felt that wearing spectacles was cool.Ergo, I faked eye problems and lied through my eye checkup, was prescribed glasses . Till date,I categorize people wearing glasses as uber-cool! I ‘ve got myself a fine pair of essilor specs ,to help reduce the monitor’s rays, which needless to say , I don’t wear.

I can be the clumsiest person.Yet, a TOTAL NEATNESS FREAKO!! I can never stand the sight of an unkempt book shelf,clothes rack,desk,furniture you-name-it! If you’ve seen Full House – I am Danny, or if you’ve seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S I’m Monica Geller, if you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory, I’m no Penny. Aren’t sitcoms the best?

I love going on daredevil rides.I am scared of heights but I love the feeling of standing on a tall building and feeling that fear.Maybe one day I would… Bungee jump.

I am a Big Google fan – Someday I plan to work there.

I have this habit of being unpredictable and I love being that way.I can speak the truth as if it were a lie and tell lies as if it were true.This is owing to my habit of fooling around.Note:Eventually,I do tell people that it was just a joke I played ! Even the closest friend can’t tell the difference.I love playing pranks on everybody!

I’ve always been drawn to drawing(Bad pun- kindly adjust. )Abstract art was my area of interest @ the onset,but of late I’ve become an ardent fan of Celtic paintings.

I love collecting stuff- A rubber collection was the first ever of the kind,with which I hoped to set the limca record. Then came the bizarre stuff- you don’t wanna know what those are.

I love to send/receive personal mails.I love snail mails from penpals … I love that wonderful feeling of getting something outta the mail box!

Did I mention that I love the United Kingdom – especially the wild country side,Ireland ? (swooooooon).I hope to go there someday! (p.s. I love you – one of my top 10 flicks is accountable majorly for this- Now,now, Do not judge. You have to give it to Cecilia Ahern for that really good story.)

I love the rains: the cold feeling,looking out of the window when seated on the window sill, with a cup of hot drink – this simply is heaven !I have this strange thing with rain. it makes me happy and sad at the same time.

There’s more to me…And this is quite enough for now. 😀



PS: Noticed the number of ‘I’s in the post? On that note, I’m yearning for an iPad now. 😐

16 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. intro ennamo nallathan irukku, ana “I totally despise …..bad……uncourteous bunch of people” athuthan contradiction nu nenaikeran……..

    time romba maripochu yaruthan rowdinu sollanumnu vavevasitheye illama poochu……………sari kasa panama neeum rowdynu accept pannikida vendyathuthan……
    anyway nice introduction:-) best wishes for U.K journey to come true one day..

  2. @ Bala:
    why you saying tat is contradictory? contradictory to wat i am? or to some part of the intro?? 😀
    I really do despice such ppl yaar.. 😛

  3. Thank you for promoting my blog. And to honor your overwhelming support I have added you to the elite list of bloggers in my Reading List. Check it out.

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