Just found this picture in my mailbox…I really loved it,so thought you should all take a look… What is the little lady thinking??? And the child’s chair is really funny..Wish this had been a shot with the face of the angel,visible..After a particularly pissed off day ,this pic is kinda assuasive @ and brings a grin on my tired face!

Wassup ?   Listening to this amazing track(Addicted) by Enrique Iglesias (Wondering if he’s one of those who get emotions right, when they’re drunk) while working on  this personality test…Too bored to work on my project presentation for a contest,which is up in 2 days..Here’s the result of the test : *ta daaa*

my personality score

Yea- they’ve got extroverted wrong πŸ˜› (bad spelling bees) !

I’m an INTP – ‘The Engineer’ (bingo!)

Preferences : Introverted iNtuition Thinking Perceiving

Temperament : NT (Intellectual)
INTP Population :Total: 2.5% Male: 4% Female: 1% (Being part of the small crowd feels gr8)
Primary Function :Introverted Thinking

Secondary Function : Extraverted Intuition

Tertiary Function : Introverted Sensing

Least Function : Extraverted Feeling

Real INTP people :

Abraham Lincoln ,Albert Einstein (cool),Charles Darwin,Meryl Streep,Socrates,William Harvey….

You can take this test HERE,if you are jobless at the moment. πŸ™‚ (Do send in the link of your results in my comment page) πŸ˜€

Insomniac – Greenday : gr8t music and hearing it at this hour of night is making my roomie mad.Better switch to savage garden! I’m gonna work on this post called Project Thesis – the stark reality! Hope to publish it soon enough,without any controversies πŸ˜› ! If you are wondering why I published this random rant,Umm..I’m looking for the answer too.. Let me know if you find it sooner than me (Er.. probably bcos I can’t think straight this nanosecond)

11 thoughts on “wassup?

  1. @ Becks :
    na solra munadi neeyay lol solli thapichuta…
    Calling a mokkai as an entertainer !!! LOL indeed ! πŸ˜†

  2. athu ena horrible creature( seems to have suffered form stroke) to represent me. change the picture or otherwise have a similar portrait for u also (just kidding).

  3. @bala:
    Auto generated monster portraits for non-bloggers πŸ˜› heehe..
    Pity u got that one !!
    πŸ˜† LOL

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