Best of 2008

Best Invention : Invisibility cloak

Best movie :This one’s always tough..For now only Eagle Eye props up in moi mind.In Tamil I would say Varnam 1000 and abhiyum nanum. (similar flicks).In hindi..pbbly Rock on.

Best song : can’t decide in this one ,at the moment.(shall update)

Best sms : James Watt invented Steam Engine using Steam.Muniyamma invented Idlies.THINK DIFFERENT !

Best days : Those exams dates(be it university / internal – Those were the time we really do have an amazing amount of fun !;) )

Best fight : the food fight b/w mom, danny and me..(on a totally sober note)

Best feeling : Taste of a certain success !! 🙂

I need some time to categorise the bests..(This section to be updated)

08 – A terrible setback for the business world…The terror attacks all over the country firing intuitive emotions.(I really wanna keep this down!)Whatever happens..Life must move on..On a merrier note, 2008 – The year Johann(baby cousin, FYI) came into my world ..My brother and I stopped our daily round of wrestling(the only kept resolution) and threw it away for good.(No more broken noses or chairs,seriously- No kidding)Another great year with friends-frolicking and hanging out for really long hours.Met many wonderful blogger friends and some really  old  pals.Funda @ Microsoft,Chennai :)…Jan 20 fun that lasted hardly a day,yet with such a terrible impact on my mind!! 8-O.. Had really fun conversations with mom..:D (although the fun was one-sided 😉 )The college-arranged so-called tour to some Industry … The real deal trip arranged by ourselves  🙂 Muaaaaaaah!:D Many successes in the form of symposia and other stuff!The last few days of the year at my brother’s wedding was great too..I met a lot of relatives after some 10-15 years..!!

2008 has been..(uhmm..I wouldn’t say roller coaster) a great carrousel ride.The reason I claim it as a merry-go-round is because 08 has had its fair share of ups and downs….At the end of the year I’d rather not contemplate on the downs part of it..Its Thanksgiving tonight and I’m driving down south to meet my Dad’s family…Before I wind up, let me proclaim my gratitude to everybody who stood with me (and few who stood against – you people made me think)! Thank You ,Everyone , for being a part of my 08 drive!

My brother did this: Computation of holidays in 2009 (Lame Job huh..But pretty useful info)

independence day – saturday

ganesh chaturthi – sunday

saraswathi pooja – sunday

diwali – saturday

bakrid – saturday.

Really sad,that most of the major festivals overlay with the weekends :(! )

Anyway.. looking forward to a super amazing year!

P.S: End of next year would feature me NOT-stuck-in-cracker town..infact i’d be stepping into the corporate heaven(if I’m not mistaken and hopefully 🙂 )

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